The 2014 Ford Explorer: Worth Exploring

The Ford Explorer is in many ways the primary Ford model, comprising the motor company’s main trinity of models along with the F-150 and the Focus. The Explorer is a mid-size SUV, crossing over between a car and a truck, and has been very popular and acclaimed in that territory. Your Indianapolis Ford dealership will have plenty of Explorers for you to “explore” at your leisure. Here are some of the great features of the 2014 Explorer:


The 2014 Explorer is an SUV with the design of a car, giving it a sleek crossover appearance. The interior seats seven easily in three rows of seats. Optional features include a 12-speaker stereo, rear seat entertainment system, sunroof, rear bucket seats, and more. Customization is, of course, a feature of all Ford cars, and the 2014 Explorer is no exception.


The Explorer boasts a 290-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 engine with six-speed automatic transmission, getting 20-23 mpg. Front-wheel drive is standard, with four-wheel drive available as an upgrade. The Active Park Assist option allows you to direct the Explorer to park itself. Using cameras and sensors to determine its proximity to other cars, the Explorer will steer itself into a safe, easy parking place.


Safety is the #1 priority of the 2014 Explorer. Some of its main safety features are a curve control system to stabilize corners and turns, blind-spot monitors on the rearview and side view mirrors, excellent visibility from high seats, and optional inflatable rear seatbelts.

The 2014 Ford Explorer could be the right SUV for you! For more information, visit Bloomington Ford, your Indianapolis Ford dealership.
Going Nuclear with the 2014 Ford Fusion

The 2014 Ford Fusion is filling a very nice niche in the Ford line between the sporty, racy Fiesta and the stable, reliable Focus, a niche that embraces a certain level of power and pleasure, but tempers it with a bit of maturity and wisdom. If this sounds like the mix of qualities you’re looking for in your next car, your Indianapolis Ford dealership will surely have a wide selection of Fusions for you to peruse. In the meantime, here are some important specs of this excellent vehicle.

The 2014 Fusion has a whole new engine, compared to the 2013 model, including a 2.5L four-cylinder engine with three turbocharged options: a 1.5L, a 1.6L, and a 2.0L. All four of these engine variants offer fantastic fuel economy, with the 2.0L turbo clocking in at 26 mpg combined city/hwy. An interesting bonus is that all four engines are available with all-wheel drive, a very uncommon feature in a midsize sedan like the Fusion.

As noted above, tempering power with safety is a priority of the Fusion, and its safety systems are second to none. They include the automatic parking assist function (which it shares with the Explorer and other Ford models), highly dynamic cruise control, and enhanced blind-spot awareness technology. The MyFord Touch system unites most of the vehicle’s electronic options in a central touchscreen on the console.

With this winning combination of powerful performance and superior safety, the 2014 Ford Fusion could well be the next midsize sedan for you and your family. For more information, visit your local Indianapolis Ford dealership.