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Henry Ford: Reaching for a Dream

When Henry Ford was working in his little workshop that was converted to a garage, his visions and activities were sometimes viewed as somewhat odd by his neighbors and friends. Persistent in the pursuit of his dreams and his visions of a new mode of transportation, he worked away at his creations, turning his dreams

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car for trade in

Prepping Your Car For Trade-In

What’s the Value of your Trade-In? There are many details to take care of when it comes to buying a new or used car. First, you need to research the cars you’re interested in buying and then you need to find that car at the dealership. You also have to think about financing and if

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New or Used: Which Is Right for You?

There are plenty of advantages to buying either a new or used car. Choosing the right way to go for you can cause many a sleepless night. All things being equal, the decision really boils down to what you can afford. That — and which choice will let you get back to sleep at night.

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