The 2015 Ford Escape Challenges 2015 Honda CR-V

When it comes time to choose a new SUV, the choices can be overwhelming. Thanks to a very competitive market, consumers often end up making uninformed purchases based on looks or price. Bloomington Ford is a car dealership that wants to make sure that their customers are informed and prepared to purchase an SUV that truly suits their needs. Crossover SUVs offer the space and power of a full sized SUV in a more compact and fuel efficient package. Two leaders in the crossover SUV market are the 2015 Ford Escape and the 2015 Honda CR-V. While both are powerful and offer a great deal of room, there are some differences that will help consumers make a choice. clip image002 0186Similarities
Both vehicles have high safety ratings in their class. Both have technology features integrated to make the driving experience both safe and fun. Being crossover SUVs means that they have compact designs that offer plenty of room for cargo and passengers. The 2015 Ford Escape and the 2015 Honda CR-V even have a similar starting price. In the competitive SUV market, these two are very similar; so how is a person supposed to make a choice?

When you are looking for an SUV, you want to get the most vehicle for your money. In this area the 2015 Ford Escape edges ahead of the 2015 Honda CR-V. There are many available features on the Escape that you can’t get on the CR-V:

      • Hands-free lift gate


      • Panoramic vista moon roof


      • Active park assists


      • Eco-conscious interior


      • Intelligent 4WD


These vehicles offer several features that are the same, as well as similar performance. This means that the options available for the price, the handling, and the way each vehicle fits the driver are the main selling points.

Both the 2015 Ford Escape and the 2015 Honda CR-V are ideal for families. They have reasonable gas mileage, and offer smooth rides and easy handling. Their silhouettes are sleek and sporty without being overly rugged. Either vehicle would be a good fit for going camping, hauling sports equipment and players or arriving at a business meeting. The goal is to find an SUV that fits your lifestyle and which can be useful, comfortable, and fun whether on the way to work or heading out to play. The similarities of the Escape and the CR-V make it hard to decide which would be the best vehicle. The only area that has a clear winner is the value category. Visit Bloomington Ford to talk with a friendly, knowledgeable sales person and drive a 2015 Ford Escape yourself. This way, you will know how it feels and how it drives before you test-drive a CR-V. Then you can make an informed decision about which value points matter to you and which ones you may not need. Buying a new SUV doesn’t have to be overwhelming; it’s just a matter of finding a vehicle that fits your life for a price you can live with.  We’re here to help you with this decision!indianapolis ford