2015 Ford Focus vs. 2015 Toyota Corolla

In the compact car market there are many vehicles to choose from. It is one of the most competitive vehicle segments today.  Two of the leaders in this market are the 2015 Ford Focus and the 2015 Toyota Corolla. Indianapolis car dealerships make it possible for consumers to view and test-drive new vehicles to make the best choice for their family. Power, space, comfort, technology, and many other factors are involved in choosing a new vehicle.  Fuel efficiency is one of the main points for buyers of compact cars. These two compact sedans offer a little something for everyone, with many similar features, but the differences are what will help you make a decision.indianapolis ford1


There are just a few dollars difference in the starting price of these two vehicles, and both offer a great deal of trunk space as well as fuel efficiency. Both Toyota and Ford include technology and safety features that will meet most anyone’s needs. They are both sleek and sporty looking cars that have a touch of luxury despite the low pricing and compact style. So, unless you are a diehard Ford or Toyota driver, how can you begin to choose between them? You, of course, have to look at the differences!


Power is an important part of purchasing a vehicle. You want a car that can maintain speed on inclines, that has some get up and go from a stop light, and that can handle curves without losing traction. Neither of these cars is considered sports cars, but the Ford Focus has long been marketed as a sporty compact car, and the performance lives up to the hype.

The 2015 Ford Focus model comes standard with a 2.0 liter inline four cylinder engine to offer 160 horsepower and 146 pound feet of torque. In comparison, the 2015 Toyota Corolla comes with a smaller engine. The 1.8 liter inline four cylinder engines in the Corolla only produces 132 horsepower and 128 pound feet of torque.


The interior is where you find not only comfort features, but also tech options. The technology in a vehicle can make or break a sale, as drivers are becoming more and more dependent on navigation and cellular connections, and the Ford Focus is packed with technology. The Corolla offers several tech features, but the Focus contains some of the most innovative features available today. These include:

  • Ford’s SYNC technology
  • Voice activated technology
  • Standard rearview camera
  • USB hub
  • Push button start

When these two vehicles are compared side by side, inside and out the winner is clearly the 2015 Ford Focus. The 2015 Toyota Corolla is a fine car; it offers compact style, fuel efficiency, and comfort as well as safety features; but the Ford Focus offers more features, and more power, making it a better value and a smarter choice for most car buyers.

Visit Indianapolis car dealerships to test drive these two vehicles and compare for yourself. Friendly sales professionals are here to help you decide which compact car meets your needs and your budget.ford dealers in indianapolis1