2016 Ford Explorer Tops Dodge Durango

The SUV segment is a highly competitive area among both vehicle manufacturers and consumers. While many have moved to the smaller crossover SUVs, there are many diehard full- sized SUV fans out there, and the 2016 models give them something to get excited about.

Indianapolis Ford dealers have enjoyed watching the 2016 Ford Explorer roll off their lots in record numbers. In this segment, the Explorer’s biggest competitor is the Dodge Durango. After being removed from the market for a few years, the all-new Durango was reintroduced in 2016 to a resounding welcome. If you are in the market for a new full-size SUV, you will want to compare these two models thoroughly before test driving and making a purchase.bloomington ford

New Ford Explorer Features

The 2016 Explorer has a brand-new lift gate, tail lamps, and fascia and exhaust tips, as well as an all new hood, headlamps, grill, fender, and fog lights. You can choose from 5 wheel designs and 3 additional colors. Sure, it looks good, but what can it do? With the changes in the 2016 model, drivers will find that the new Explorer not only blows away its predecessors with power and fuel efficiency, but it destroys competitors, too.

With 280 horsepower and 310 pounds per foot of torque, there’s no chance that the Durango or any previous Explorer models will beat it when it comes to power. With a Class II trailer/tow package, as well as intelligent 4-wheel drive and EcoBoost, it’s easy to see that the new Explorer tops the SUV market and all others are just striving to keep up.

The history of the Ford Explorer doesn’t feature any gaps where it was withdrawn from the market, and each model year has featured an improvement or two in the vehicle. To say it has come a long way is an understatement.

Welcome Back the Durango

The 2016 Dodge Durango is a welcome reintroduction of an old favorite. Not only do you get the expected Dodge power, but also a new design that offers a sleeker and more modern look, and lots of visual and comfort features. The new Durango is no doubt an attractive vehicle. However, appearance isn’t everything, and, when you compare the exterior, interior, and under the hood to the Ford Explorer, the Durango falls just short in every area, except technology.

The Durango offers many tech features that match or exceed the Explorer, including double 9-inch seatback screens, UConnect Mobile Access, on-demand Wi-Fi hotspot, and an updated navigation system.  In this day and age, technology and ease of use is a major selling point, and Dodge has that locked down in the 2016 Durango.

The comparison between these two full-sized SUVs is close, with the Explorer just edging slightly ahead. When the time comes to choose between them, for many drivers it will come down to personal preference. Some drivers are diehard Ford fans, while others are all about the Dodge. Visit Indianapolis Ford dealers for an up-close look and a test drive of the new 2016 Ford Explorers—even a Dodge fan may find that they prefer the Explorer after taking it for a drive.new ford explorer features