2016 Ford Focus – An Upscale Ride

The Ford Focus was already off to a great start with the original model. It offers the feel of a luxury car with the price tag of something not quite so luxurious. The comfort, reliability, technology, safety features, and affordability made it one of the best selling cars for sale in Indiana. Ford wasn’t quite satisfied, even though technology has come so far in the past few years.

Now, the 2016 Ford Focus takes upscale affordability to a whole new level with some significant modifications that Focus owners are sure to love. From the way it takes corners to the improved driver controls, Ford is paving the way as a versatile sedan that almost anyone can afford.

Unique Airflow

Just to demonstrate how forward thinking Ford has become, consider the grill design. Its unique shape makes it stand out as far as appearance, but it also has a feature many people probably don’t know about. The Focus grill relies on shutter technology. When the car is moving at low speeds, the shutters close to prevent external air from getting to the cooling system. This creates increased thermal efficiency, but it also helps improve aerodynamics, as well.

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Change in Appearance

The Focus already featured a bold design. Even though it is a four door sedan, the exterior design gives it the feel of a car on the verge of being a muscle car. This is going to be even more evident with the new SE EcoBoost Appearance package.

This includes rims that are 16-inches of machined aluminum and which include pockets which are painted a dark color, making the aluminum stand out even more and lending depth to the entire look.

New colors are available for the 2016 models. Welcome a change of pace in the form of Kona Blue and Shadow Black.

Modified Console

The console of the Ford Focus always gave it the feel of riding in a cockpit. The controls were easy to reach and simple to use, centered for easy access. The new model replaces some of those knobs with an 8-inch LCD Touchscreen and SYNC 3 technology. SYNC offers a lot of features, including voice recognition and MyFordTouch, to make controlling the environment of the car even more fun and easy.

The LCD screen offers a whole host of new features for Focus drivers. They can swipe the screen and even pinch to zoom. Some of the features include 911 Assist and AppLink. Even the USB ports are better. They always offered two ports for easy charging, but now charging is completed in half the time to ensure your electronics are always ready to go.

With rear view camera technology, multiple surrounding air bags, and all the other safety features Focus drivers have come to love, the pleasure of driving this sedan just got a little bit safer even outside the car.

On top of that, the advanced torque vectoring control system means improved traction with reduced understeer and better turn-in, for a much smoother ride. Ford dealers in Indianapolis are already making a bit of extra room to keep these models in stock.

Head on over to Bloomington Ford LINCOLN soon to get a peek at the updated Ford Focus, and who knows? You may drive home in a new ride for a lot less than you expected.

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