2016 Ford Taurus vs. 2016 Kia Forte

The 2016 model year is shaping up to be a great one for four-door midsize sedans. Both the 2016 Ford Taurus and the 2016 Kia Forte are flying off of Indianapolis car dealerships lots. If you’re in the market for one of these family cars, how can you know you’re making the right decision? The first step is to compare the models you are interested in. There are certain selling points that make a difference to individual drivers, and, by knowing what you want and which car has it, you can make a decision before ever going on a test drive.

2016 indianapolis ford


If price is your deciding factor when choosing a vehicle, then the 2016 Kia Forte may seem to be the obvious choice. With a difference of nearly ten thousand dollars in the starting MSRP, it may seem to be a no-brainer that the Forte is a better deal, but, in reality, you get what you pay for, and many of the things that do matter to drivers are not included in that starting price. When comparing these two vehicles, the starting price of the Ford contains many more small details standard than the Kia.


Who wants to purchase a car that doesn’t have any “niceties” like floor mats or power door locks? When you’re sinking a huge chunk of your household budget into a car payment, that car needs to meet all of your needs. The 2016 Kia Forte falls down on the job when it comes to standard and available accessories. The 2016 Ford Taurus comes with standard cruise control and floor mats, while the Forte requires you pay extra for these amenities!

Technology plays a large part in our everyday lives and the Ford Taurus recognizes that with standard smart device integration, telematics, Bluetooth, and Back-up Camera. Some of these features are not available at all in the Forte, while others are an additional cost.


While these are mid-sized vehicles, there are still times when the amount of space available for passengers and cargo will make a difference. In this case, the Ford Taurus 2016 model is head and shoulders above the competition, with 102.2 cubic feet of passenger room rather than the 96.2 cubic feet in the Forte. There is more room for front and rear passengers for legs, hips, head, and shoulders in the Taurus. As for storage space, the Taurus trunk is downright spacious, in comparison to the Forte. The Taurus gives you 20.1 cubic feet of usable storage space, while the Forte offers a measly 14.9 cubic feet.


This is the only area where these two 2016 models are truly equal. Both of them come standard with:

      • a variety of airbags to protect drivers and passengers
      • child safety locks
      • passenger air bag sensor
      • brake assist
      • traction control
      • no tip rollover rating

Safety is one area where nearly all car manufacturers are in agreement on what needs to be included in a standard vehicle. While there are no standout differences in these areas, there is the fact that the Ford Taurus is a more solidly built vehicle, and that Ford has long been a standard of solid and safe vehicles.

Now that you’ve seen how the 2016 Ford Taurus and 2016 Kia Forte stack up side by side, visit your local Indianapolis car dealership and test drive them both to make your own choice.2016 bloomington ford