Does the 2017 Ford Bronco Really Exist?

It seems that Ford has been playing an elaborate April Fool’s Day joke on consumers for the past few years. Each year on April 1st there has been a report or announcement made about a new Ford Bronco being released. While we haven’t yet seen a 2016 Bronco, this year’s April 1st announcement was that the 2017 Bronco is going to be released.

Whether this vehicle actually exists or not remains to be seen, but if the 2017 Ford Bronco is a hoax, then Ford and the Bronco Legend website have gone to great lengths to perpetuate the hoax.  Hopefully, once this vehicle is released, whichever year it may end up being, they will stop with the April 1st announcements!

Don’t run off to Bloomington car dealerships looking for either the 2016 or 2017 Bronco just yet. But be aware that reports state that the 2017 Bronco is based on the Ford Atlas Concept, which, in turn, is based on the F-150 pickup truck. While no official statement has been made, either admitting a hoax or ending that rumor, it appears that there is a new Bronco in the concept stage, and information is available on the future vehicle on the Ford Concept Website.

Interior and Exterior Changes

Reportedly this new Bronco, whether it is a 2016 or 2017, will offer a very masculine and rugged, yet attractive interior based on the Atlas platform.  Look for big and comfortable seating, and plenty of leg and head room for 5 passengers. A manly man’s vehicle, but the ladies will love it, too. Whether you’re loading up the kids to head to a baseball game, or loading your family and gear to go camping, there will be plenty of room.

Luxury in a Bronco?

While many consumers don’t think of a Bronco as being a luxury vehicle, there will be a few areas where the luxury level is increased to make it more passenger- and driver-friendly. With wide LCD screens, high-quality interior materials, and elegant LED headlights, there is a big difference between the new Bronco and the old boxy models you may remember.

One goal of the Atlas platform is to use lightweight materials and curvy body panels for aerodynamics. The lighter and more aerodynamic body will allow for better gas mileage, as well as a smoother ride, with less road noise. Forget the days of being shaken and rattled to death if you happened to turn on a gravel road. The new Bronco will offer a much easier ride, as well as better control and handling for the driver.

Modern technology will also play a huge part in this new Bronco. There will many infotainment features that will allow you to integrate your devices for great music, navigation, communication, and charging options.

If you are going to be in the market for a new vehicle in the next year or two, keep an eye out for the newest, yet still possibly non-existent, Bronco to arrive at Bloomington car dealerships. Once it is in stock, go for a test drive and see if you think the new Bronco beats the older models.image3