The 2017 Ford Edge: Let’s Talk About Seats!

One of the most overlooked things in any review of a vehicle or list of the features is arguably one of the most important. It’s something that is going to be used every time you use the car, by you, the driver, and each one of your passengers. Something that, if you’ve recently had a new addition to your family, will, no doubt, be of utmost importance to you, as it concerns the safety of your most precious cargo.

2017 Ford edge

I’m talking, of course, about the comfort of the car seats and the reliability of the safety anchors for children’s safety seats. The 2017 Ford Edge is one of the best vehicles out there for both the driver and passenger seats and for using child safety seats. Best of all, it’s available now at your local Ford Lincoln dealership, Indianapolis.

Car Seat Satisfaction

Owners of new cars are asked to rate their satisfaction with their vehicles in a variety of ways, which is then compiled to form a list of cars that you might reasonably recommend to another consumer. A recently conducted survey asked drivers about their level of satisfaction with their car’s seats after ninety days of ownership and driving. After all, some drivers are going to be spending a lot of time behind the wheel and, hence, in a seat, so it doesn’t make sense for automotive reviewers to overlook this crucial element.

The 2017 Ford Edge rated at the top of this survey, with its seats ranking as highly as seats from luxury automakers like Audi or Porsche. This means that mile after mile, month after month, you’ll never have to dread getting behind the wheel of your Ford Edge, no matter how long or short the drive is.

Child Safety Seats

Seats for adults and older children are all well and good but, if you have small children, you’re undoubtedly concerned with how easy or difficult it is to load child safety seats in and out. Fitting the seat in and working the anchors and tethers of the LATCH system can be a real nightmare.

So, it will please you to know that the engineers at Ford clearly designed the interior of the Ford Edge with child-toting parents in mind. The LATCH anchors are just below the seat backs, which even tilt back to make them more accessible when it isn’t immediately obvious.

With the crossover SUV design of the Ford Edge come the wider doors of an SUV but with the lower load floor of a regular car. This makes loading up a car seat much easier than it would otherwise be in both a car and an SUV, giving you the best of both worlds.

Highway Safety

safe cars

Safety doesn’t stop with the ease of adding and securing child seats, though. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the 2017 Ford Edge an overall rating of five stars after conducting their crash tests, making it one of the safest vehicles you can take out onto the road.

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