The 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty: More Powerful than Ever Before

Any Ford fan will tell you that there’s a reason why generations have passed down a preference for the brand. Ford trucks have been proven to last for years, and the dependability and power behind the Ford name has challenged the manufacturer to top themselves every time they produce a new model. With the 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty, they’ve broken the mold.

Ford F-Series Super Duty

For the past several months, Ford has been keeping the specs of their new F-Series line of trucks under wraps. Just when customers at our Bloomington Ford Indianapolis location were starting to question the company’s sudden secrecy, the company dropped a bombshell.

The specs on their upcoming “Super Duty” line of heavy-duty pickups are good. Very good. The numbers indicate that this model is easily the company’s best, leaving themselves unrivaled when it comes to towing capabilities and overall power.

Their press release repeatedly reminds Ford enthusiasts that many of their performance specs have been designated as “class-leading,” and that’s no hyperbole.

The F-450 trim offers a gooseneck towing capacity of up to 32,500 pounds, a number that places it comfortably at the top of its class. The F-350 is payload rated up to 7,630 pounds. The F-250 has a max payload of just over two tons. These results show that Ford isn’t playing around with their new Super Duty series.

How is this even possible for a truck of this size? Ford has always been an innovator when it comes to what goes into the production of one of their cars, and the Super Duty F-Series extends that tradition even further by using a military-grade aluminum in the redesigned frame in order to cut weight by almost 350 pounds and still increase the body size.

A bigger body means a stronger engine, of course. All trims come with a 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel V-8 that boasts 925 pound-feet of torque, making it the undisputed leader when it comes to sheer power.

ford most powerful trucks

Even with the best hauling specs on the market, Ford lovers agree that the technology behind the vehicle is one of the most tempting selling points. With adaptive cruise control for easy towing and a collision warning system that’s designed with a trailer in mind, you’ll truly feel like your truck has your back. Complete with a camera system that provides 360-degree support, the Super Duty series is designed to give you as much control as possible.

These features aren’t typical on a truck this size, or with this much power. Frankly, Ford has reached a brand new height with their Super Duty F-Series, and the numbers behind even their base model seem to dwarf the competition. If you’re looking through Ford dealerships in Indianapolis, be sure to pick the one that has one of these powerhouses in stock so that you can take it for a test drive. Our bet is that you won’t be able to leave the lot without one.


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