2017 Ford Fusion Sport: An All-Around Great Deal

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is ingrained into us, yet we still go on first impressions so often. Certain words bring up specific images in our minds, especially when it comes to cars. This is especially true of the word “sporty,” which is often tossed around like little more than a marketing word.

2017 Ford Fusion Sport

When you see something like the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport, believe us when we say it actually lives up to its name. The 2017 Fusion Sport really is one of the more powerful and luxurious midsize sedans on the market. It has enough features from nearly every category to make it a real “fusion” of modern experiences, yet it holds the impressive performance you would expect from traditional sport vehicles.

Don’t let the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport go under your radar. Try it out today at your local Bloomington Ford dealership!


You’d expect any new car to handle and perform well, and the Fusion won’t let you down. The steering wheel is highly responsive and allows you to flow around corners like a hot knife through butter. The front wheel drive handles better than you’d expect from a sedan, and the all-wheel drive option gives you the power to handle any road with ease. The Fusion Sport’s transmission shifts are smooth enough that you’ll hardly notice it.


The 2017 Fusion Sport is incredibly powerful for a mid-sized sedan. Its 6-speed, 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine will get you from zero to 60 in just 5.3 seconds. This super-charged engine also “sports” (see what we did there?) a hefty 325 HP and 380 lb.-ft. torque, making it one of the very few sedans to break the 300 HP barrier.

The Fusion’s engine goes from quiet while idling to growling when the pedal is to the metal, giving it a surprising alpha personality. All of this power doesn’t come at a price; it still provides an above average fuel efficiency of 26 highway mpg and 17 street mpg.


The Fusion Sport is sleek enough to pass off as a sedan, yet tough enough to remind drivers of the timeless and classic Mustang. The front has the iconic flat and menacing angle of a Mustang and the aerodynamic shape of a traditional sedan. This blend is unusual, but it works flawlessly and pulls together nicely. You’re sure to draw attention anywhere you drive if you’re in your 2017 Fusion Sport.

Ford Fusion Sport

Inside, the interior is just as pleasing to the eyes. It has a rich and spacious interior design with sleek angles along the doors and seats. The speedometer has both analog and digital displays to meet preferences for either installation. Its rotary dial transmission shifter is convenient to use and frees up a surprising amount of room inside, giving the vehicle a more comfortable feel.

Like the icing on a cake, the intuitively designed touch screen and climate control interfaces offer easy navigation while you’re distracted by the Fusion’s raw power. See it for yourself at your Bloomington Community Ford Lincoln dealership in Indianapolis. Test drives available now!