2017 Ford GT to Be Released in 8 Different Colors

The hype surrounding the 2017 Ford GT supercar just doesn’t seem to stop. We’ve heard about the GT over and over in the past several months, and it doesn’t look like the excitement is going to abate anytime soon. The vehicle that debuted on the auto show circuit earlier this year is one that you can’t just go to Ford dealers in Indianapolis to purchase.

In fact, potential buyers have had to fill out applications and hope to be approved to buy one of the cars expected to cost over $400,000.00, and many will be waiting several years for their vehicle. There are only going to be 250 of these cars produced each year.2017 ford gt

New News About the GT

The 2017 Ford GT that got people excited at car shows is a sleek, extremely fast vehicle with a very modern look. Liquid Blue is the name of the color that was shown at the 2015 North American International Auto Show. No one blinked an eye or seemed concerned with whether there would be other color options or personalization choices. More than 6000 submitted applications immediately. Now Ford has announced the other options for the 2017 GT.  There will be 7 color choices available besides the Liquid Blue:

  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Silver
  • Matte Black

 Ford Design Manager for colors and materials, Barb Whalen, said in a press release, “These colors aren’t trendy because Ford GT isn’t a trendy car. It is a classic – a veritable race car for the road.”

A Custom Body and Matching Choices

The body of the 2017 Ford GT is made of carbon fiber. This is typically a material that is used for accents and décor, but in the GT the expensive material is everywhere you look. Buyers will be able to choose gloss, matte, or a shadow black paint for trim areas.

Once buyers have decided on their body and trim color, the next step will be choosing customized Brembo brake calipers to match their paint job. The Ford GT for 2017 is the first time Brembo has offered customizable caliper finishes, which lends more to the legend of the supercar, and the exclusivity and cache of owning one of these beauties.
You may not be able to purchase a 2017 Ford GT, but keep in mind that the Ford family of cars and trucks all offer top quality materials, design, and performance options to meet your driving needs. You will find the full line of 2017 vehicles at Ford dealers in Indianapolis over the next few months. Be sure to stop by and test drive anything that catches your eye.

Not all of us can lay out more than $400K for a supercar, but Ford makes it easy to feel like a million bucks when you get behind the wheel of one of their vehicles. Technology, safety, performance, and handling, as well as amazing engines, make Ford’s newest models fun to drive and affordable for the average consumer. Visit Bloomington Ford today, where knowledgeable and friendly salespeople will help you choose the car or truck that is right for you.ford gt