The 2017 Ford Super Duty: Where Tech Meets Torque

Ford trucks have a reputation for power, whether it’s horsepower, towing power, or off-roading power. The 2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty lives up to that reputation admirably, thanks to advancements in the company’s already impressive engineering and design philosophy that have been put to use admirably in its 2017 line of vehicles.

More importantly, however, the 2017 Super Duty also deserves accolades for blazing a completely new trail for Ford’s line of trucks: the integration and advancement of new technology. Read on to learn why the 2017 Super Duty has the Bloomington Ford team so excited.

The Technology of the 2017 Ford Super Duty

First, it’s worth reiterating that the 2017 Ford Super Duty line’s commitment to new technology does not mean that it has sacrificed anything in terms of power. The vehicles included in the line (the 2017 F-250, F-350, and F-450, respectively) are all designed for heavy-duty work and heavy-duty driving, and feature 925 lb.-ft. of torque to get the job done.

That said, the thing that really sets these trucks apart from their predecessors is, in fact, the technology integrated into their updated designs. The last time this line of Ford vehicles were given a major design update was 1999 – 18 years ago. Given that the Super Duty line’s design was solid enough to survive 18 straight years without needing major re-tuning, it’s safe to say that the changes made for this year’s iterations must be pretty darn impressive.

The first pieces of new technology deserving of mention are the two new driver-aid enhancements. The first is a suite of cameras that provide a full, 360-degree top-down view of the truck; the second is an augmented steering system that automatically adjusts wheel input based on road conditions, taking much of the burden of adjusting wheel input off of the driver.

These two pieces of automotive gadgetry alone set the 2017 Super Duty trucks apart from the competition; to put it bluntly, no other comparable trucks have these kinds of safety features that are this comprehensive or provide this much driver aid and protection.

Ford Super Duty

If those were the only technological upgrades to the 2017 Super Duty line, the vehicles would still be deserving of accolades. But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Other impressive features in the 2017 Super Duty line include a blind-spot warning system that extends to the trailer, towing-assistance software, an LED lighting system and comprehensive digital gauge set.

Perhaps most impressive is the “miniature steering wheel,” which flips steering input and allows drivers to more easily navigate their vehicle through the backup camera. Given that 95% of people buy a Ford Super Duty tow trailer on a regular basis, this kind of innovation is sure to be welcome for the convenience and improved safety it brings to the driving experience.

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