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Quad loading into F-150

America’s Favorite Truck Introduces Brand New Diesel Option – Bloomington Ford

There’s a certain alluring and uniquely American tradition surrounding pickup truck ownership. Truck owners belong to a demanding subset of the driving population, as the team at Bloomington Ford can attest from many years tracking industry trends. Even beyond the obvious requirements – towing, hauling power, and general utilitarian solidity – modern buyers expect comfort,

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Tesla’s Battery Revolution

Tesla’s Battery Revolution: Going Live in Southern California

Thanks to advances in electric vehicles from Tesla, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Kia, and other car manufacturers, this technology has helped pave the way for Tesla’s new battery storage facilities it recently opened in Southern California. Battery storage technology and the knowledge to build battery storage facilities are roughly a decade old, but their use

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Used Cars for Sale in Indianapolis

Will the 2016 Record Selling Year for Automakers Continue for 2017?

Recently releases sales figures for the Big 3 automakers, (i.e., Ford, GM, and Chrysler), indicate 2016 was a landmark year for auto sales, up from 2015. The trend in sales increases has continued to steady grow for the past seven consecutive years, after the Big 3 automaker crisis and government bailout of GM and Chrysler.

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