3 New Fords You Need to Know About

Ever since the Ford Motor Company first opened its doors, the company has been known for making high-quality, cutting-edge vehicles that the average American can afford. That commitment to serving the customer in more ways than one has always been a part of Ford’s brand identity, and that is the design philosophy of every Ford car or truck that the company has ever made.

With many new models now being unveiled to consumers, we thought it would be a great time for the Bloomington Ford dealership team to highlight some of the most exciting and interesting Ford vehicles coming to a lot near you.

New Ford vehicles

2018 Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport will be arriving in America in 2018, and it’s sure to be a welcome surprise for many drivers. This compact SUV offers drivers and passengers the generous spaciousness and storage areas associated with sports utility vehicles while combining it with a sleek and compact exterior that will appeal to car owners who shy away from large, overpowering vehicles.

In addition to its roominess and pleasing visual aesthetic, the EcoSport also includes plenty of breakthrough technology that makes driving safer and easier, including BLIS (Blind Spot Information System), enhanced voice recognition capability for its entertainment center, and Auto Star-Stop Technology for reduced fuel emissions.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Ford has announced its intention that at least 40% of its line will be electric vehicles by the year 2020, and the Ford Focus Electric is in many ways a sign of just how committed the company is to increasing the profile and performance of electric vehicles. The Ford Focus has long been a popular car, even before its electric version was introduced.

Now that Ford has announced the latest version of the Focus Electric, we know that future versions will come with an upgraded engine – the old version’s 23 kWh battery will be swapped out for a liquid cooled Lithium Ion battery, resulting in a new power rating of 33.5 kWh, a whopping 46% increase over previous models.

With impressive advancements in electric car technology like that on its side, the Ford Focus is sure to prove even more popular with drivers, whether their interest in electric vehicles comes from environmental consciousness or fuel-cost consciousness.

2017 Ford F 250

2017 Ford F 250

Unlike the EcoSport or the Focus Electric, the 2017 Ford F 250 is for drivers looking for something heavy duty. The F 250 has long been a popular pickup with American truck owners, but the 2017 model comes with some important engineering and detailing upgrades that are sure to make it even more popular.

Most important are the combination of an enlarged fuel tank and a lighter body (thanks to the switch to aluminum), which gives the 2017 F 250 the ability to hold more fuel and better fuel mileage at the same time. It’s a good time to be a truck owner.

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