3 Unusual (But Cool) Reasons to Buy a Convertible

Does that recurring car dream include a trip down Interstate 69 in a stylish convertible? There is something to be said about spending a summer afternoon with the top down, enjoying the summer sun. Thankfully, cars for sale in Indiana include many different makes and models of this American classic. From the Ford Mustang to the Toyota Spyder, Bloomington Ford has a variety of used cars in Indianapolis. Planning on touring the showroom or the lot? Don’t forget to give these a try. Need a few more reasons to buy a convertible?

Convertibles Can be Cost-Effective

Many of the latest convertibles have remarkable mileage. Not only does a shiny, new convertible look great in the driveway (and on the road) but purchasing one could be a smart financial move, too.

Get More Vitamin D

Don’t laugh at this reason—be honest. How much time for sunbathing is on the current schedule? Most people spend the majority of their time in the office or getting ready for work at home. Even a few minutes during a commute in a convertible can boost current vitamin D levels. Driving down the highway with the top down and the sun on your face is a relaxing way to spend a weekend afternoon.

Just Plain Sporty

There’s just something about the way a convertible handles that makes people excited to hit the road. If you are planning on taking a road trip, a convertible might just be the perfect car for you. This topless vehicle handles great, looks wonderful, and makes for a comfortable ride.

Who really needs more reasons than that? Head on over to Bloomington to get a convertible to be proud of this summer.

Do I Need an SUV for Summer?

There’s no doubt that summer has many of us thinking about playing outdoors.  For active folks, an SUV or sports utility vehicle is the right choice for towing, pulling, and hauling all the equipment you need. Here’s a tough question to ask before stepping onto the lot of Bloomington auto dealers: do I need an SUV? Check out these popular reasons for purchasing a sports utility vehicle.

How Much Do You Want to Pull?

An SUV has both the pulling capacity and ample passenger seating. Typically, an SUV can tow over 2500 pounds and seat at least five passengers—some even have third row seating. Ask the dealer about how much the vehicle can pull—it will vary.

SUVs Provide Plenty of Safety Features

An SUV has the bulk and weight that makes passengers feel safer. The height of these vehicles allows both driver and passengers an advantage, visually, over smaller vehicles.  Manufacturers have done much in recent years to diminish the chances of rollovers.

Drives Great on Different Terrain

SUVs offer excellent handling, even in wet conditions such as snow and rain. This type of vehicle comes in a variety of wheel drives, including all wheel, rear wheel, and four wheel. A sports utility vehicle is ideal for people who enjoy off-roading.

Need or Want?

Even if an individual doesn’t technically “need” an SUV, they may still enjoy one. Both stylish and trendy, today’s SUV is better on gas than they were a few years ago. Ask used car Bloomington Ford dealers about which SUV might be a good fit!