With an Eye Toward Fuel Efficiency Ford Refreshes Its Original EcoBoost V6

Ford has been part of a global movement to downsize and clean up their engines. Other car makers have been making changes here and there, but Ford Motor Company was the first that made a broad commitment to using these new engines across their lineup, and the first to base the mainstream fuel efficiency strategy on this general idea.

After 7 years, the original EcoBoost 3.5 liter V6 concept is being renewed, and Indianapolis car dealers can’t wait for the new vehicles to arrive.  The new 10 speed 2017 Ford F-150 and Raptor will be the first vehicles in the Ford family to boast this refreshed EcoBoost engine.ecoboost v6


Big Changes in F-150 and Raptor

The current F-150 features an aluminum body and has had big changes in appearance over the past few model years. This is its first major mechanical update in several years and will also include the return of the Raptor off-road special high performance vehicle. Now that the outside has had an overhaul, it’s time to see what the new engine technology will offer to make Ford trucks appeal to drivers.

Ford F-series trucks have been America’s top sellers for the past 39 years. The changes made in the 2017 models look to be improvements that will keep them at the top of the heap. Technology, environmental consciousness, and Ford’s commitment to making the best vehicles in the world combine to create the newest in eco-friendly, affordable and safe pickup trucks.

Powerhouse Ford

The newest generation 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine is going to add 30 lb.-ft. torque output, along with a new 10 speed automatic transmission. What this translates to for drivers is better performance, more power, and even more off-the-line speed. This gives Ford the best-in-class torque value and a transmission that will capitalize on that power.

The new EcoBoost engine is the 2nd generation of a twin-turbo high compression engine that originally debuted in the F-150 to replace a V8 with a V6. This is bucking the trend, in which truck buyers are happier with a V6 EcoBoost than with a traditional V8. The power and performance of the new EcoBoost with the 10 speed transmission is going to boost Ford truck sales through the roof as people realize what they can get with a smaller engine.

Great New Features of the EcoBoost Engine

  • Improved responsiveness
  • Lower RPM responses
  • Hollow camshafts
  • Roller-finger follower valve train
  • Low engine weight
  • Auto start-stop
  • Better fuel economy
  • Lower emissions
  • Three overdrive gears
  • Non-cast iron transmission components

There is nothing you won’t love about the new Ford F150, or the new 2017 Raptor. The new engine is being built in Ohio, at the Cleveland Engine Plant, and the transmission is being produced at the Livonia Plant in Michigan. Summer is upon us, and before long Ford and Indianapolis car dealers will be introducing us to the 2017 model lineup.

Make plans now to visit your local Ford dealership in the fall and test drive the new EcoBoost engine. You may find that it’s time to add a powerhouse pickup truck to your collection.ecoboost engine