Amazing Blend of Style and Savings in the Ford Fusion Hybrid

There are many factors that determine whether a car is going to be a top seller or sit on a dealer’s lot indefinitely. Bloomington Ford and other Ford dealers across the country have discovered that the Ford Fusion Hybrid has an amazing blend of style and savings that make it the car to own as we move into 2017.

It’s been a challenge to find a hybrid that offers power, speed, good looks, and a great price. Usually, something gets left out when something else is introduced. The Ford Fusion Hybrid doesn’t have that problem. It’s an all-around great vehicle.

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Midsize Sedan with Compact Fuel Efficiency

Hybrid vehicles, in general, are known for having great fuel efficiency as they effortlessly switch between gas and electric power. The Ford Fusion Hybrid, while larger than some hybrid vehicles, is still able to meet the fuel efficiency of many compact hybrids. This means more legroom and comfort without losing the fuel savings that are expected from a hybrid. It even has a good deal of off-the-line power and performs 0-60 in about 9 seconds.  One huge benefit is the easy transition from fuel to battery is barely noticeable; there is no big drop in speed or power.

Style for Miles

There is literally nothing to complain about when it comes to how the Ford Fusion Hybrid looks. There are several models available that all offer a great deal of room, comfort, and sleek trim options. This is not Grandma’s grocery-getter car, even though it can be used for that quite well.

The point is it looks and feels a bit sporty even though there’s a great deal of trunk space and passenger space. The aggressively styled front end brings to mind a much sportier car while the smooth lines and aerodynamic shape keep it from being a boxy sedan. The interior and driver’s cockpit are nicely appointed with spacious cubbies, detailed décor, and very comfortable seating.

Technology Appointments

The Sync3 Infotainment system is top of the line and completely outshines the previous MyFord Touch system. The features of the Sync3 system include:

  • Faster response to input
  • Improved graphics
  • Better conversational voice recognition
  • Capacitive touch display
  • Swipe and pinch to zoom functions
  • Remote engine starting
  • Remote door locks

Driver assist functions are also part of the new Ford Fusion Hybrid. Parking assist, park out, pedestrian detection, and automatic emergency braking for safety and convenience make great points toward value when considering these features are all included in the base price.

Competitive Pricing

There are several models of the Ford Fusion Hybrid available for 2017. Pricing is somewhat different from model to model; however, when it comes to value and style for the price, it’s easy to see that the Ford Fusion Hybrid is very affordable. A base model starts right at $25,000, and the top of the line Hybrid Titanium starts at $30,000.

If you’d like to learn more about the Ford Fusion Hybrid and test drive it for yourself, visit Bloomington Ford today and check out the selection available.

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