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There’s a certain alluring and uniquely American tradition surrounding pickup truck ownership.

Truck owners belong to a demanding subset of the driving population, as the team at Bloomington Ford can attest from many years tracking industry trends. Even beyond the obvious requirements – towing, hauling power, and general utilitarian solidity – modern buyers expect comfort, luxury, and connectivity from their new vehicles. A fully immersive driving experience with the capabilities of a tireless workhorse.

This need for versatility and adaptability has driven truck manufacturers to constantly incorporate the latest and greatest new technologies into their creations. The newly redesigned 2018 Ford F-150 lineup is a perfect example of these principles in action, a new benchmark in a hyper-competitive industry.

Quad loading into F-150

The F-150 has been an industry leader in utility, efficiency, and luxury for decades, and long ago set the standard of excellence for light-duty pickups. In fact, it’s been the overall bestselling vehicle in the United States for the last thirty-two years. You wouldn’t think there would be much to improve upon with a record like that.

Still, the 2018 Ford F-150 redesign boasts myriad improvements on what was already one of the most fuel efficient and environmentally-friendly pickup lines in production, as well as improvements and upgrades of the creature comforts Bloomington Ford customers have come to expect from the best in the business.

Efficiency in Design

When it comes to shopping for a new vehicle, there’s a big elephant in the room that puts off a lot of would-be truck owners: fuel economy. The stereotype of trucks as inefficient gas-guzzlers is one that may have been well earned in the past, but it rings less and less true with every model year as improvements in technology and engine design are implemented. Today’s trucks are exponentially more fuel-efficient than their forebears, and the 2018 F-150 continues Ford’s tradition of leading the pack in fuel innovation.

Like the 2017 line, the 2018 F-150 redesign makes extensive use of military-grade aluminum alloy in the body of the vehicle to save weight. The cab, bed, hood, and body panels are built from this ultra-tough alloy, which reduces the overall weight of the vehicle by up to seven hundred pounds, depending on the particulars of the model in question. This means the engine doesn’t need to work as hard to move the vehicle, which means appreciably lessened fuel costs in the long run.

F-150 splashing through off-road trail

Beneath it all, a solid steel ladder frame guarantees the solidity, safety, and strength that consumers have come to expect and depend on in an F-150.

In addition to weight-saving aluminum alloy design, Ford’s Auto Start-Stop Technology now comes standard across all models. When you bring the vehicle to a full stop, the “intelligent idling” feature powers off the engine until you remove your foot from the brake and step on the gas. Fuel which would normally be burned while idling at stop signs, train crossings, and traffic lights is conserved, which not only saves money but significantly lowers overall vehicle emissions – another big concern of conscientious truck buyers.

Introducing Diesel – More Power for Less

That said, perhaps the greatest leap forward in fuel economy and overall efficiency comes in the form of the highly anticipated 3.0L Power Stroke Diesel option – the very first diesel engine ever made available for the F-150. Indianapolis Ford loyalists have long awaited a diesel option in the flagship light-duty lineup, and Ford engineers have produced a beautiful in-house diesel design that has met and exceeded consumer expectations in early testing.

There are many benefits of driving a diesel powered vehicle, whether you’re using your truck for work or just to get around town. Diesel engines create more low-end torque, which you need for towing, hauling, and transporting heavy loads. They are 20-35% more efficient on the whole; a gallon of diesel will take you a lot further than a gallon of standard gasoline, thanks to the greater amount of potential energy contained in the fuel itself.1

The 3.0L turbo-diesel V6 being rolled out for 2018 harnesses all of the above benefits of diesel – increased power, acceleration, and fuel efficiency – coupled with the durability and precision of Ford engineering. Breakthroughs in engine construction and scientific advancements in the production of the fuel itself have greatly improved the output and durability of diesel engines across the board, cutting down on the upkeep and maintenance requirements which formerly were a major argument in favor of standard gas.

That said, traditionalists will be pleased to learn that the standard gas engine options have also been upgraded for 2018. First and foremost, the 2017’s 3.5 liter V6 has been replaced with a 3.3 liter unit which produces comparable output to the older model in a more efficient package. The 2.7 liter EcoBoost and naturally aspirated 5.0 liter V8 options have been reworked as well, providing greater power and torque without giving ground in weight or fuel economy, meaning more bang for your buck in every sense of the word.

Finally, the F-150 Raptor, a fan favorite among Bloomington Ford customers, comes ready-equipped with a one-of-a-kind high-output 3.5 liter EcoBoost for those bold truck owners who prefer a more primal experience.

The brand-new engine designs in the 2018 F-150 lineup include options to fit the needs of any consumer, further illustrating why so many businesses and law enforcement organizations depend on Ford vehicles for on-the-job performance and consistency.

Unparalleled Utility, Technology, and Safety

Far gone are the days of pickup trucks being relegated to farms and construction sites. Most pickup owners these days expect the same level of interior comfort in their trucks as they would from a luxury touring sedan. This means high-end interior appointments, smoothness of ride, ease of control, and technological connectivity.

No one understands this better than Ford, whose commitment to comfort and drivability have kept them ahead of the competition for so many years.

To that end, the 2018 F-150 lineup introduces a 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi option, a first for Ford trucks. This turns your truck into a high-powered mobile hotspot, the benefits of which are enormous.

F-150 parked in front of a home

Working in a remote area without cell service? Your truck’s hotspot provides quick internet access and download speeds, so you can have the information you need to do the job on hand. Taking the family on a long road trip? Wi-Fi connectivity to power streaming services and games will keep even the most rambunctious and easily bored youngsters entertained for hours. Your truck now comes with the ability to support your wireless life on the go.

Driver assistance technologies have been updated as well, including the optional adaptive cruise control. In the case of unforeseen obstructions in the road, the new cruise control is actually able to bring the truck to a complete stop, the lifesaving potential of which cannot be overstated.

In addition, Ford’s renowned forward collision warning system has prevented an incalculable number of car-on-car accidents since its introduction several years ago. It’s now sensitive enough to recognize pedestrians in addition to vehicles and large objects in your way, giving drivers the early warning they need to brake in time.

Also new for 2018 is a premium Bang & Olufsen PLAY sound system. The high-quality audio experience is built around a uniquely engineered ten-speaker system, developed in collaboration between Ford and Harman International. Tuned and calibrated to envelop the driver and passengers in a fully immersive audio experience, the new B&O system boasts all the usual appointments – AM/FM stereo, CD/MP3 capability, auxiliary inputs – and is sure to become a major selling point of the 2018 redesign.

There’s a lot to be excited about in the new F-150s. A five-minute comparison between the new and old models at Bloomington Ford will illustrate just how great a difference subtle changes in design can make. Ford established a reputation for quality decades ago, and the tradition of excellence carried on in 2018 is apparent before you even start the test drive.


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