What Is The Best-Selling Import?

Heading to an Indianapolis Ford dealership for the world’s best-selling import may not seem logical until you realize that the import label may not mean the same to everyone.

For most Americans, an import is clearly a car made by a company outside the United States, but for the rest of the world, American cars are the imports. That best-selling import worldwide? The Ford Focus.

At the Indianapolis Ford dealers, the Focus may not be the top-selling car. In fact, in the United States, it is not currently the best-selling mid-sized sedan or even the best-selling Ford. But worldwide, more people drive a Ford Focus than any other type of car.

So What Makes the Focus So Popular?

Reliability. Industry analysts say the Focus is one of the best cars in its class in terms of gas mileage, safety, and comfort, but none of that matters if the car constantly breaks down. Despite the jokes of bygone eras, the Focus doesn’t break down every time the owner turns around. The car has a great reputation for staying on the road when other cars are headed to the maintenance garage.

Affordability. With model options that start at about $20,000, the Focus is the modern version of Henry Ford’s Model T – the car his employees could afford to drive. The one difference is that Ford’s famous quote about having your car in any color you wanted “as long as it was black,” no longer applies. Worldwide, the Focus is available in an array of colors, styles, and options.

So, to drive the most popular import in the world is as simple as heading to an Indianapolis Ford dealership such as Bloomington Ford.

Beating the Summer Heat

From motor oil commercials to personal experience, most people know that summer heat can be the death knell for some cars. Fortunately, when that happens, Indianapolis car dealerships are happy to provide a replacement.

To be fair, it’s not just the heat that makes summer hard on cars. The asphalt that turns to liquid in the summer sun is part of the problem, but any type of extreme temperatures can change the way a car’s engine acts, and exacerbate existing maintenance and repair issues. But it sometimes feels like cars wait until the hottest day of summer, or the coldest day of winter, to break down.

When that happens, a call to the mechanic is often followed by a visit to Indianapolis car dealerships.

But before going car shopping, it is important to have a list of needs, wants, and would-like-to-haves for the new car. The needs list should be exactly that. The things the car must have to meet the buyer’s needs. This can include information about the price, size, and gas mileage that the car offers.

The wants list should be things that will make driving the car more enjoyable, but are not absolutely necessary. This can include things like cruise control, an automatic transmission, or even the car’s sound system.

The final list should address things that would be on the car if price were no option. Navigation systems, remote starts, and sunroofs fall into this category.

Before the old car succumbs to the summer heat, consider sitting down in the air conditioning with a glass of tea and beginning these lists. It will make car shopping much easier.