Check Out the All New 2017 Ford Fusion Sport

For many years, when thinking of powerful sedans and sporty vehicles, the Germans have held the top spot with their Audis and BMWs. In 2017 all of that may change, as Bloomington Ford is gearing up to offer the newest high torque vehicle from the Ford Motor Company. The 2017 Ford Fusion Sport is looking like America’s “Audi-Slayer” according to fusion sport

A Full House

While the increased horsepower and torque finally make the Fusion live up to the “Sport” moniker, there are other great things as well. Power, torque, six-speed automatic transmission, standard all-wheel drive, navigation, adaptive cruise control, and dual-zone climate control for less than $40K? Yeah, that’s a winning hand in any game!


When it comes to comparing the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport to German powerhouses like the BMW 340i and domestic vehicles such as the Toyota Camry SE and Kia Optima, in every case the Fusion comes out on top. The naturally aspirated V6 in the domestic mainstream competition is blown away by the 2.7 liter, twin turbocharged V6 in the Fusion.

With 325 horsepower and 380 pound feet of torque, the Fusion even edges out the BMW 340i by 5 horses and 50 pound feet of torque. There are very high expectations for the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport, but Ford thinks that the car lives up to the hype. We’ll get the chance to find out very soon. The new Sport made its debut at the Detroit Auto Show, and was a favorite of consumers and car industry types.

Inter-Family Competition

Many think that Ford is shooting itself in the foot with the introduction of such a powerful vehicle at such a low price. Since Lincoln is also part of the Ford family, with higher priced powerful sedans it seems as if Ford may be killing interest in the MKZ by introducing such a sporty car at a lower price.

Ford doesn’t see it this way, because there are consumers who want a smaller sports vehicle, and those who want a luxury larger sedan. Pricing is one thing, but the cachet of Lincoln may hold out against the small powerhouse 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. Time will tell whether this is a wise decision by Ford or not.

Anyone who loves a powerful, great handling vehicle that offers a great deal of comfort and tech options, as well as a sleek look, will fall for the 2017 Ford Fusion Sport. When you consider that you can get this car fully loaded for less than $40,000, and the base model is right around $30,000, there’s no need to shop around for the German powerhouses like BMW or Audi and pay their prices. American muscle is moving back to the top of the heap, and Ford is the proud producer of this amazing new vehicle.

Visit Bloomington Ford later this summer to check out the new Fusion Sport. Take it for a test drive and see just how powerful and quick it is off the line, and how well it suits your driving style. If you’ve ever wanted to feel the power of a BMW or Audi, but knew you didn’t want the price tag that came with it, here’s your chance.

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