Choosing the Right Automobile Body Style

Buying the right car, whether new or used, is the result of a series of decisions. None of these decisions is more important than choosing the right body style. With so many cars for sale in Indiana, it can be difficult to choose which type of car suits your needs. Some cars are better for couples who don’t have kids, while others are meant to haul around the soccer team and take kids to play dates. Here are a few ways to look at the available options.

Non-Family Cars

The convertible is a car usually of a sporty nature, and is a great car for fun drives, but it is not typically used as a family car. It exudes a racy, sophisticated air and is often driven by those with expendable cash, as it is typically more expensive than other models. Convertibles are ideal for enjoying the warm weather and taking in the scenery, but have issues with noise and can be problematic in some weather conditions.

Coupes have 2 seats in the front and usually no back seat. It has a fixed roof that may or may not be removable, and it has 2 side doors. This is ideal for younger or older couples with no kids, and who do not need cargo space.

Family Cars

The hatchback is a car configuration that incorporates a rear door that swings up, allowing access to a storage area. It can appear on coupes, sedans, and station wagons. The minivan is the standard for the soccer mom crowd because it allows for 2 to 3 rows of seating and ample storage space. SUV or sports utility vehicles combine features of other models, such as the roomy seating and cargo space of the minivan, with the strength of a pickup truck. They can be used for on- or off-road driving.

Mixed-Use Cars

The sedan is easily defined as a 4-door model, but can vary from small economy models to upscale luxury models. Pickup trucks are now available with extended cabs, making them useful either as strictly workhorses or as family cars with added power.

Choosing the right model is a matter of knowing its intended use. It makes viewing the cars for sale in Indiana a more manageable task.

Whether or Not to Trade in the Old Car

When a car buyer is ready to purchase a new or used vehicle, a decision must be made on what to do with the car that person already owns. Before visiting car dealerships in Indianapolis, the options should be weighed carefully. They include selling the car privately, trading it in on the newer car, or keeping it.

Selling the Car Privately

Selling the car privately could net more cash than either of the other two options, but it entails a lot of work on the seller’s part. The car needs to be cleaned and tuned up to make the best possible impression, and it must be kept this way until the sale is made. The owner must put in the effort to sell it, which includes listing ads in newspapers, trade papers, and on websites such as Craigslist or Auto Trader. Selling a car this way can be very difficult and time-consuming, which is why many people opt to trade their cars in at a local dealership.

Trading in the Car

If the car has any monetary value left in it, a trade in can be a good way to reduce the price of the newly purchased car. Dealerships have their own formula for determining value, and, as they still have to sell the vehicle, they will offer less than the seller could get by selling it on their own. Trading, however, is virtually hassle-free, compared to selling privately, and it does help offset the cost of the newer car at most car dealerships in Indianapolis. Remember, sometimes dealerships will have a demand for a specific type of vehicle, so if you own a car that is in demand, you can get a high price for your old car from a dealership.

Trade-ins can help you save on the cost of a new car—even if you only get a few hundred dollars for your older vehicle. Trade-ins can also be used when you are getting ready to lease a car. While some people prefer to sell their old cars privately, trading your old vehicle in is a smart move when you are preparing to buy a new car.