What Does a Dealership Really Offer?

It is fairly easy to search for a vehicle online and work out a deal with an individual, but is it a wise thing to do? There is absolutely no protection when a person buys a used car from another person in a private sale. A visit to an Indianapolis dealership will provide several things that a newspaper or online ad can’t.

New Vehicles

A local Ford dealership provides a series of cars, trucks, and sports utility vehicles for the current year, including hot new models such as the 2014 Ford Mustang. While viewing the current offerings, a customer can also see some of the 2015 models, such as the Ford Expedition. A pick-up man will appreciate the Ford F-150 with military grade aluminum alloy exterior and steel “backbone” — the new high strength frame.

Used Vehicles

Car dealers in Indiana have quality used cars for the customer on a set budget. These vehicles are inspected for the safety of the new owner. A dealership representative will sit down with a buyer and help set up a payment amount and schedule, most often for a three to five year plan. There will be an opportunity for an extended warranty similar to that of a new vehicle.


Most Indianapolis car dealerships have a service department for the care and maintenance of new and used vehicles. Any vehicle that has a warranty is registered in the computer system. This department employs professional auto mechanics and is available for maintenance and repair of Ford cars, trucks and SUVs, along with other brands that are sold by the business.

The Ford Transit Connect — Mom’s Minivan or Business Vehicle?

Versatility is an important thing in any industry. The Ford Motor Company is no exception. The Ford Transit Connect is a versatile vehicle that is available as a slick-looking cargo van or a four-door minivan for an active family. Whatever the need, this 2014 model can be found or custom ordered at Bloomington auto dealers.

The Transit Connect XL has a six speed automatic transmission, front-wheel drive, tire pressure monitoring, and four-wheel ABS brakes. Ideal comfort and safety features include air conditioning, remote power door locks, one-touch power windows, and two console storage areas. Stability control with anti-roll, traction control, head, and passenger airbags add to the secure feel of safety in a vehicle that carries precious family members. A third row of seats gives parents room for visiting best friends and transporting school sport team members.

As a business vehicle the rear air-conditioner system with separate controls is a welcome feature for transporting fresh flowers or food products. The clock-in radio display and trip computer is another set of assets for a company van. Front driving and rear fog lights aid a driver who has to be on the road for hours in all kinds of weather conditions.

Each 2014 Ford Transit Connect has special options that can be ordered through Bloomington auto dealers according to family or company needs. The business cargo van, for instance, can be outfitted with swing-out rear cargo doors with windows, and a perimeter anti-theft alarm system. Features like MyFord Touch with rear view camera are beneficial to all Transit Connect buyers.