A Decade in the Making: All 2017 Fords Are SYNC3 Equipped

As one of the first auto manufacturers to introduce “infotainment” systems, Ford has had a hard uphill climb to stay in the technology game against some of their competitors. The old MyFord Touch system just couldn’t hang with systems from other car manufacturers, despite a partnership with Microsoft. Bloomington Ford dealerships are thrilled to announce that all 2017 Ford vehicles will now be equipped with the more robust Sync3 system.

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Why Not MyFord Touch?

When the MyFord Touch system was introduced, it was a forward-thinking idea that would allow drivers to operate different pieces of technology, such as their cell phones or navigation systems on a handy touch screen. Unfortunately, the reality didn’t quite match the idea. There were reports of slow response times, less than adequate syncing ability, and even head unit crashes. Despite an update 5 years ago, the MyFord Touch system just wasn’t up to par. That is when Ford began developing the Sync3 unit.

More Versatility with Sync3

Sync3 offers users more versatility than other infotainment systems. Not only do you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support, you also get Google and Apple navigation, as well as media and mobile phone control right on the 6-inch center stack screen.  Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone user, your new 2017 Ford will be compatible with your choice of technology. One huge benefit of the Sync 3 is the basic, simple design and layout. It is equipped with simple menus, large touch buttons, and very easy to navigate options.

Customer Service

The Sync3 system was released in several 2016 Ford Models in a stripped down, basic format that didn’t include Apple’s CarPlay or Google’s Android Auto. Consumers weighed in with overall approval of the system but wanted the versatility to have it work seamlessly with their chosen mobile phones.

After a quick update, Ford announced that all 2017 Ford models will come with Sync3 with the addition of CarPlay and Android Auto. Not only that, but they are offering free upgrades to 2016 model year cars. Ford knows the value of giving consumers what they want; after all, they’ve been the head of the car game since the first crank of an engine!

Features of Sync3

It’s easy to tell you that Sync3 is the greatest infotainment system available, but, until you know exactly what it does, you won’t see how having this system will benefit your life. Here’s what you can expect from Sync 3:

  • Three window view
  • Bottom tool tray
  • Fast response
  • Swipe and pinch zoom
  • AppLink
  • CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Apple Maps
  • Google Maps
  • Voice recognition
  • Apple Siri

Basically, if there is music, media, communication, or navigation you want to access while you are in the vehicle, then the Sync3 can make it happen. Customization, versatility, and advanced technology make the Sync3 a great choice for anyone buying a car in 2017

Visit Bloomington Ford today to see how a 2017 Ford with Sync3 will fit your driving needs.

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