In-Depth Review of the All New 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200

If you’re in the market for a super-hot and fast compact sports car, then the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 may be the car for you. Introduced at the Geneva car show, this new vehicle is one that has caught the eye of many industry types, and has Indianapolis Ford dealers ready to roll it off the lot. 2017 ford fiesta

Small Changes

The 2017 Fiesta ST200 is not a complete overhaul; rather, a series of performance, comfort, and handling tweaks to the Fiesta ST combine to create one impressive car. With a 1.6 liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, 182 horsepower, and 236 pound feet of torque, this is an improvement that drivers will love.

A shorter final-drive ratio closes up the gearing on the 6-speed manual tranny for smoother shifting, and great boosts of speed and power. As far as comfort and handling, the Fiesta ST200 has it covered. A 27% stiffer rear torsion beam, softer springs and dampers, and overhauled steering are just a few of the changes that make this car a pleasure to drive.

Updated Appearance

Everyone knows that a sporty car needs to have a sporty look. The ST200 comes with several appealing and eye-catching features. A Storm Gray colored paint job, red painted brake calipers, charcoal Recaro front seats, and ST200 badging make this car unique and instantly recognizable.

Test Drives

Car and Driver took a first look test drive with the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST200 and shared their opinions about several aspects of the car, a few of which we’ve outlined below:

  • Predictably punchier than the standard ST
  • Solid midrange
  • Lower gearing is immediately obvious
  • 3000 RPMs in 6th gear
  • Great handling balance
  • Better turn-in response
  • Easier handling compared to ST

Overall, this is an improvement over the standard Ford Fiesta ST, but as far as consumer reaction, we’re still waiting to see how this car goes over, based on the improvements and the pricing.


As far as the pricing of the 2017 Fiesta ST200, that is a glitch that consumers may not appreciate. Considering that the ST200 is only a slightly improved stock ST, the higher price of about $3800 over the ST is a disappointment. European buyers have not been discouraged by the price, with 2000 pre-ordered cars.

Getting a sporty little car for around $23K isn’t a bad deal, but there are other sports coupes in the U.S. that offer more performance for the same price. Consumers and car aficionados may read reviews and industry speculation, but the real test is when they get behind the wheel. If this car can truly offer what it promises, it may be a great vehicle for the Ford family.

In the interest of comparison, visit Bloomington Ford and test drive all the available Ford Fiesta models. You will be surprised at the differences between each model and how those tweaks affect the driving experience.

What price would you pay for a car that meets your driving needs? Vehicles are an investment, and often one that you’ll be living with for several years. It is important to learn all you can about a vehicle before making a fiesta