Details on Ford’s New Hybrid Technology

Ford is leading the way as cars for sale in Indiana start involving more hybrid features. Indiana is not always leading the way when it comes to green technology, but Ford sure is. Some manufacturers stop at using just one method to involve green technology with traditional methods, but Ford just keeps adding more. Sometimes their changes don’t even involve the actual electronic components, but the body itself.

Hybrid Technology

What Is a Hybrid?

Many people misunderstand this term, so it’s important to clear it up right away. Most know that it involves green energy, but that just happens to be the route currently taken. A hybrid is anything that mixes two or more components or methods in order to form something that traditionally involved one component. In this case, it means adding one of more green components to the traditional combustion engine.

Charging Solar

Electric cars have become more and more common. This is true to the extent that service stations now include places where you can plug your car in to charge it. Ford, like many other companies, uses this technology. They also have added something entirely new.

Customers enjoy the fact that they can reduce gas usage by charging their cars, but there is still the problem of having to look to another source to get that energy. In some cases, users either don’t want to pay for that energy, or they don’t want to use an energy source that may not derive its energy from an unsavory method, like using coal.

Ford has addressed this issue with something people have been waiting for since hybrid cars came about. Now, a solar panel on the roof of a car adds to the energy pot that drivers draw from. You can still use gas, and you can still plug your car in, but solar panels also provide energy so that you have to do much less sourcing outside the car.

Weight Reduction

Since hybrid cars have become popular, those who love trucks have only wished for a real solution. It didn’t seem feasible to use alternative energy methods on trucks, namely because of the weight issue. Trucks aren’t built just to drive down the road. Instead, they are equipped to handle the transport of heavy goods, and are not light themselves. Ford answered that need so that truck owners can also enjoy the hybrid experience.

The F-150 will not be made out of steel and aluminum. That means it is going to be up to 700 lb. lighter, but still strong enough to do all the things that truck owners expect from their vehicles. However, since it is so light, it doesn’t require as much energy to get it moving down the road. Even if it isn’t a hybrid truck, gas use will still be reduced.

Ford is far from stopping its search for new and better ways to power vehicles, or reduce the power they require. Car dealerships in Indianapolis and other areas of Indiana have a wide variety of hybrid options to choose from. If you want to learn more about different Ford hybrid models, or find out which options are available right now, stop by Bloomington Ford today.

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