Dynamic Driving with the F150 Sport Mode

When it comes to the amazing innovations you find in the vehicles on Indianapolis Ford dealerships’ lots, the salespeople may tell you about them, but they aren’t the ones responsible for making it all possible. The credit for the different mobility and innovation strides made in Ford vehicles goes to the Ford engineers. Luckily, dealers and consumers don’t need to know all the whys and hows in order to enjoy the technological advances that make Ford vehicles so great.

The newest excitement from Ford comes in the form of a much lighter 2015 Ford F-150. This fuel-efficient truck has been flying off dealer lots since its release, but now there’s a feature that you may not know about that makes this truck even better.

When the F150 and the new Mustang were being designed and tested they were on a similar time line and therefore utilized some of the same auto transmission technology concepts. This meant that the power train engineers often tested and drove both vehicles on the same trips. During these tests the team came up with the idea of using sport mode on the F150.

Karl Jungbluth, Ford transmission calibration engineer explains, “Our team realized how well the new F-150 handled and responded to acceleration due to its reduced weight. So we decided we could adapt the sport mode capabilities of the six-speed automatic transmission from the Mustang to the F-150 to enhance the overall driving experience for truck customers.”

A Mustang feature in a pickup truck sounds like something you would want to avoid, but the way the F150 is designed makes this a welcome addition that gives greater responsiveness from the truck and makes handling a breeze.

How Can You Use Sport Mode?

On the 2015 Ford F150, sport mode is activated by pressing the tow/haul button twice. This will cause an amber S to appear in the lower right part of the tachometer. What this mode does is change the frequency of the gear shifting to keep the truck in the power band “sweet spot” holding lower gears longer. This means less shifting on engaging drives, and more fun and responsive driving on twisty roads and rolling hills. People who have always thought trucks were hard to handle and less responsive than cars will love this new feature.

After Market Performance from a Stock Vehicle

Essentially sport mode means you have to step on the gas less to reach peak torque. This means quicker acceleration with less pedal usage. When you combine this feature with the changes in the transmission, you get on-demand performance that is similar to an aftermarket modification without voiding your warranty. The Ford F150 comes this way “out of the box.” Just as the sweet spot found in sport mode makes the pony run in a Mustang, it does the same in the newly updated F150 pickup truck.

Bloomington Ford is working hard to keep the 2015 Ford F150 in stock. Head on over today to test drive one of these lightweight, heavy-duty, easy driving trucks today!clip image002 0103