Eight Reasons to Buy the 2017 Lincoln Continental

The new Lincoln Continental showcases Ford’s resurgence in the automobile market, providing top-shelf luxury amenities and performance for a price that undercuts even value brands like Kia and Hyundai. For consumers searching for $100,000 worth of value in a vehicle that costs nearly half of that, the Continental is well worth a look.

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Now available at your local Bloomington Lincoln dealership and Lincoln dealerships around the country, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is a revival of the Lincoln Continental model, last made in 2002. The new Continental, a full-size sedan, will replace the Lincoln MKS, which Ford is retiring after eight years of production. The Continental nameplate has been used many times by Ford over the past 75 years.

Auto enthusiasts are excited about the Lincoln Continental’s revival and the new course it’s helping one of America’s most venerable luxury brands to chart. Reviews of the new Continental have been largely favorable, and the new vehicle helped Lincoln kick off 2017 with strong sales figures. In January, Lincoln sold 8,785 units—a 24 percent increase from the previous January. After years in the doldrums, Lincoln is increasing market share and, at the end of 2016, the company completed its third straight year of sales growth.

Why Consumers Are Flocking to the Continental

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Nostalgia and the “new” factor aren’t the only reasons behind the Continental’s strong performance. The new Continental is a well-designed vehicle that has harnessed some of the spirit and energy that are driving Lincoln’s resurgence as a maker of fun and exciting luxury vehicles. Consider some of these selling points for the 2017 Lincoln Continental:

  • Lush comfort – The cabin of the new Continental has gotten rave reviews for being roomy and plush. The cabin provides plenty of leg and headroom, and adjustable seats make it easy to find just the right sitting position. The Continental can hold five passengers with plenty of room for all.

The new Continental has top-notch upholstery and materials. Each trim level offers leather, and some even have real wood components. The overall design is elegant and clean, and the vehicle’s controls are easy to find and use. The Lincoln also establishes itself as a great luxury option for young families, as the vehicle has two complete sets of LATCH connectors for owners who need to install car seats.

  • Engine options – The 2017 Lincoln Continental offers buyers plenty of engine choices. The standard engine for the new Continental is a 3.7-liter V6 that cranks out 305 horsepower and 280-lb.ft. of torque. Consumers can move up to a turbocharged 2.7-liter V6 engine that generates 335 horsepower and 380-lb.ft. of torque. For Continental buyers who want maximum power, a twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 engine that cranks out 400 horsepower and 400-lb.ft. of torque is also available.

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The standard and turbocharged engines provide good acceleration, but the 3.0-liter V6 will knock your socks off. With regard to ride quality, the new Continental provides good handling and a smooth ride—two things that are a given on most luxury cars.

  • Reliability – The new 2017 Lincoln Continental gets high marks from reviewers for its reliability. The Continental gets four stars out of five for reliability from U.S. News & World Report, and the Continental also got a five for five rating on J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Power Circle evaluation.

Overall, the Lincoln brand gets good reliability ratings from J.D. Power for the 2017 model year. As no one wants to drop north of $50,000 on a luxury car that will leave them in the lurch, the Lincoln Continental’s strong reliability ratings make it a good investment.

  • Safety – As of this writing, the new Continental has yet to be evaluated by government safety officials. Lincoln has a pretty strong safety record, however, and the new 2017 Continental has a number of great safety features, such as a Blind Spot Information System that uses radar to monitor the vehicle’s blind spots.

The Continental also offers a 360-degree camera feature that allows drivers to see in every direction, helping them to avoid accidents while parking or driving in reverse. The new Continental also offers eight airbags as standard equipment.

  • Technology – This is where the new Lincoln Continental really shines. Lincoln has done an excellent job in creating a thoroughly modern luxury vehicle complete with a user-friendly infotainment system. Ford’s SYNC 3 system is the Continental’s infotainment system and offers a responsive touch screen with pinch and swipe controls.

The system offers voice commands that allow drivers to perform many functions hands-free. The system also offers the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration programs, which allow users to access some of their phones’ apps from the vehicle’s touchscreen.

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  • Cargo space – The new Continental offers 16.7 feet of space in the trunk. That’s plenty of room for enough luggage for a family vacation or a few golf bags for a day at the country club. Another great feature of the Continental’s trunk is that it has a wide opening, making it easy to load and unload.
  • Generous standard and optional features – You can’t have a luxury car without some luxuries. The new Continental provides lots of bells and whistles. The base Premier trim level includes standard features such as remote engine start, power-folding and heated mirrors, rearview camera, dual-zone climate control, adaptive xenon headlights, an infotainment system, and much more. The top-of-the-shelf Black Label trim has amenities including 20-inch wheels, a simulated suede headliner, adjustable rear seats, a 19-speaker sound system, and access to special Black Label privileges.
  • Price – A base-level Continental starts at around $44,720, while a top-trim-level Black Label Continental starts at $62,915. While these are luxury car prices, they are far less expensive than prices for comparable models. The Audi A7 and Tesla Model S can cost tens of thousands of more dollars than a comparable Lincoln model, with offers such as a premium maintenance plan, free car washes, and more.

Lincoln Continental History

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The Lincoln Continental has its origins in a one-time design intended to be a personal vehicle for Edsel Ford, son of Henry Ford and the company’s second president. The prototype for the Continental was derived from the Lincoln Zephyr. Ford produced the first Continental in time for Edsel Ford’s vacation.

The Ford president received many compliments from friends regarding the vehicle and determined to put it into production. An initial round of 24 models was produced for 1939, and 400 Continentals were built for 1940. The early Continentals were unique because they extensively hand built.

The first nine generations of Lincoln Continentals were produced between 1939 and 2002. Ford discontinued the Continental in 2002 to make way for its LS and Town Car models. Ford debuted a concept version of the 10th generation of the Continental in 2015 at the New York Auto Show. The 2017 Lincoln Continental went on sale at Indiana Ford dealers and Ford dealers around the country in fall 2016.

Consumers seeking a new Continental should buy from a dealer with a history of selling and servicing Lincoln vehicles. Experience with the brand goes a long way toward providing top-notch customer service.

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