Factors that Determine Your Car’s Trade-In Value

When you are ready to trade your car in for a new model, you will want to know how much your current vehicle is worth before you head out to shop at dealerships in Indianapolis. There are several factors that go into determining your car’s trade-in value.


Color may not seem like much of a consideration, but when you trade your vehicle in, the dealership is going to place your car in its used inventory. Some colors sell better than others, which means that the dealer has more of a chance to resell your car. Red, blue, black, and silver are often valued higher than green, purple, or gold models. This is something to keep in mind when you choose a new vehicle, as you should always be concerned with your car’s resale value.


Some cars have better resell potential because their particular model is in high demand. The Ford Fusion and Ford Focus have excellent resale values, due to demand for those models. Conversely, the Ford Taurus has a lower value, simply because there are so many on the road, which results in lower demand on the used market.


The condition is the most commonly thought of factor that goes into a car’s resale value. Virtually no cars qualify for the term “excellent condition,” unless that vehicle has seen little to no time on the road and is showroom-ready. If your car is determined to be in good condition, this is your best chance at a higher trade-in value.

Some dealerships in Indianapolis have online tools that can help you determine your vehicle’s trade-in value, giving you an idea of what type of budget you are working with when you shop for your next new car.

A Closer Look at the 2014 Ford Focus

As the new 2014 cars begin rolling into your local Indianapolis Ford dealerships, you may want to take a moment to review some of the features that these new cars have to offer. The all-new Ford Focus is an affordable small car that gives you plenty of excitement, making it a great first car, or a cost-efficient family vehicle.

With a standard 2.0-liter, four cylinder engine, this small car offers plenty of power for its size. The manual five-speed transmission makes the Focus fun to drive, or you can choose an optional six-speed automated manual transmission for more control on the road. Higher trim levels come with a turbocharged engine for increased power.

If fuel economy is a concern, you will appreciate the estimated 26 miles per gallon in the city and 36 mpg on the highway offered by this compact car. Optional fuel economy packages can offer better gas mileage for an extra charge

The 2014 Ford Focus offers comfortable seating for five, with plenty of head and leg room in the cabin. The sporty exterior adds to the appeal of this new Ford, and extra features, such as remote keyless entry, and an optional wireless cell phone hookup, add to the overall driving experience.

The 2014 Ford Focus is making its way to the showrooms of your Indianapolis Ford dealerships, right now. If you are looking for an affordable compact car that does not skimp on interior comforts and precise handling, the Focus may be the right car for you.