The Ford 2015 F-150 Pleases Insurance Companies

Anyone who knows pickup trucks is familiar with the Ford F-150. This is a classic pickup truck that has undergone several stylish and functional changes over the years. The F-150 is a versatile vehicle that looks good cruising down the highway or bumping along a gravel road. You can use it to haul items; go hunting, camping, and fishing; or to drive to work and back. A pickup is generally thought of as a working vehicle, and the Ford F-150 has met and exceeded expectations over the years. Ford designers took a big chance with the 2015 model and made some major changes. Any time the body, and/or chassis, of a vehicle is drastically changed, it can affect the price of insuring the vehicle for consumers. Insurance companies look at all the vehicle ratings for safety, as well as how easy a vehicle is to repair in case their policy needs to cover repairs after an accident.

Aluminum Body Panels

When the 2015 Ford F150 was introduced, featuring lightweight aluminum panels instead of the traditional steel body panels, there were a lot of worries.  Not only are the body panels lightweight, they were originally thought of as not as durable and sturdy as steel panels. What body shops and consumers around the country are seeing is that Ford spent a significant amount of time developing these aluminum body panels to ensure their strength and durability.  The result is a strong body panel that helps to reduce the overall weight of the new 2015 F-150, without sacrificing any safety features.

Insurance Input

Insurance companies have helped to make this decision a little easier by blessing the new Ford F-150’s repairability profile. Allstate Insurance is an industry giant, and it says that the F-150 demonstrates ease of repairability, and insurance costs that are in line with both the previous steel body panel models and with other full size pickup trucks.  State Farm Insurance has even confirmed this, saying that the make and model premium rate for the new Ford F-150 is in line with the same model from 2014.

Now that insurance companies are on board, and the new F-150 is a reality, what are the benefits of having aluminum panels on the vehicle? The panels are lightweight, flexible, and can be repaired with the right tools without a lot of other body work being involved. The lightweight panels may also improve gas mileage, and make it easier when towing or going uphill, to keep up speed and utilize the power of the engine for more than simply hauling its own body weight.

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