Buying a Car for Indiana

No matter where you live in Indiana, there are a few things you need to take into consideration when you are looking at cars for sale in Indiana, especially if you only recently moved here. Indiana happens to be a four season state, so you have to make sure the car you buy can handle all that it is going to be put through in Indiana. Many people look at cars for sale in Indiana and don’t take into account some of the weather conditions. If they have lived in Indiana a long time and have already adapted, that’s one thing. However, people new to the area should probably be more careful.


Naturally, if you have not driven on snow before, 4WD (four-wheel drive) is something with which you may want to familiarize yourself. Even if you do buy a 4WD vehicle, make sure you learn how to use it, because you can maximize your driving abilities, or you can destroy your transmission. Your Indiana car dealer can tell you more about the details of how to use your 4×4; or you may prefer an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle, which is not as good on gas, but whose tires are always working for you in 4WD mode.


Your car is going to be exposed to salt. If you have never lived in a state that experiences heavy snowfall or icy roads, you may not have dealt with the damage salt can do to a vehicle. This is why underbelly protection and a serious coat of wax can do a lot more for your vehicle than just make it look pretty. Some towns do use dirt, instead of salt, but, since you do not always know which area uses which material, it’s best to safeguard your vehicle and get the extra protection.

How to Use 4WD

Before you instruct your Lincoln dealer to pull out the latest 4WD for you to try out, you might want to learn how to handle one. Many people think, if they have a 4×4, that they can easily drive through any given situation. Your Lincoln dealer can give you the specifics on the one you are looking at, but the information below should give you some idea of how you can best use your 4×4, and what its limitations are on the road:

Four-wheel drive is not always what you think. Have you ever noticed that one tire tends to get more wear and tear than the other tires on your car? Unless you have something mechanically wrong, that’s because that tire is what is known as the “push/pull” tire. That is the tire that makes your vehicle move; the others simply respond. It is the same with 4WD cars and trucks, except that 4 tires do the push/pull when it is in 4WD.

4x4s are not good on ice. Before you leap into your 4×4 on an icy day, know that it is not going to do any better than a 2wd vehicle, because spinning tires are still spinning tires. In the case of a 4×4, you simply have more spinning tires.

A 4WD is great when the snow is deep, because the extra traction can allow you to more easily navigate through snow, but misusing it as something that can allow you to drive over anything, or thinking you can drive faster, can be dangerous. Keep this in mind before you shift into 4WD on an icy day.