Ford Celebrates 100 Years of Making Awesome Trucks

Ford practically invented the truck 100 years ago when the Model TT hit the market. Trucks, particularly Ford trucks, went on to become a massive hit and, a century later, Ford dominates the truck market.

Ford is celebrating the centennial of the first trucks to roll out of its assembly plants with a series of events and sales promotions this year. Indiana residents can find bargains of the century at Indianapolis Ford dealers and Ford dealers around the state during this time.

Ford Vintage Trucks

The Ford TT began production in 1917. At the time, trucks were just modified cars. The Model TT was the first vehicle specifically designed as a truck. Henry Ford envisioned the TT as a vehicle for farmers, and certainly never envisioned trucks as the all-purpose transportation vehicles they’ve evolved into today.

The original Model TT had a one-ton chassis and a more durable frame than Ford’s Model T car. It quickly became popular among its intended audience—farmers used the new vehicle to replace horse-drawn buggies and vastly improved their productivity.

The Model AA replaced the TT in 1928. The new truck had a larger frame and engine, and Ford made it more stylish. Ford’s storied F-series was launched after World War II in 1948. The vehicles were still largely used among farmers but became popular in the post-war construction boom among builders.

The legendary Ford F-150 was introduced in the 1970s. The mid-size pickup was originally introduced to help Ford comply with fuel efficiency requirements. Consumers liked the size of the truck and, as Ford began to add more creature comforts to its trucks and extended cab features that allowed more passenger room, trucks became more popular as passenger vehicles.

For the past 40 years, Ford’s F-series of pickups, led by the F-150, have been the top-selling trucks in the world, and Ford trucks regularly top worldwide best-selling vehicle lists.  Ford trucks have dominated their market for almost half a century, thanks to their dependability and Ford’s constant innovation.

F-Series Trucks

F-series trucks regularly lead in automotive reviews of safety and dependability. New developments by Ford in body materials and engine types have also made the trucks lighter and more fuel-efficient without sacrificing safety or performance.

Generations of families have been loyal Ford truck buyers. Test drive one today, and you’ll see why.

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