Ford Creates Hot Wheels Van for Toy Enthusiasts

Ford Creates Hot Wheels Van for Toy Enthusiasts

Many adult car enthusiasts started their love of cars at an early age with Hot Wheels toy cars. Ford recently made over its Transit Connect van to appeal to fans of Hot Wheels. The end result is a real-life Hot Wheel that any fan of the toys would be proud to own. While this model is a concept vehicle, you can check out the Transit Connect van at your local Indianapolis Ford dealerships.

The end result of this project is a dark blue piece of art that features the Hot Wheels logo on the side, gullwing doors, and orange-accented tires that evoke images of the race tracks that so many fans of the toy cars played with as kids. On the inside, the concept car features drawers to store Hot Wheels toy cars, a 55-inch TV screen, and two 18-inch tablets.  The 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine provides plenty of power, and this van has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, giving it the ability to carry a lot of Hot Wheels. Fans of the toy cars can even race their wheels on the built-in drag strip in the back of the van.

Currently, this van is making its way through the streets of Las Vegas, but the miniature toy version of the Hot Wheels van will be on store shelves in the fall of 2014. To take a closer look at the Transit Connect that served as the inspiration for this concept vehicle, stop by any of the local Indianapolis ford dealerships, such as Bloomington Ford.

Ford Leads the Way in Hybrid Sales

Toyota and Chevrolet thought they had the hybrid car market covered, but Ford has proven that it is a major player in the industry, with its hybrid car sales outpacing the other two carmakers for the first time. With a wide selection of hybrid vehicles to choose from in the 2013 and 2014 model years, it is likely that this trend will continue. You can get in on the green car movement at your local Bedford Ford dealership.

In October, Ford beat the competition for plug-in hybrid sales, with the Ford C-Max Energy and Fusion Energy selling more than the Toyota Prius and the Chevy Volt. With the sleek styling and affordable starting MSRPs for both Ford plug-in models, it’s no mystery why these two vehicles are giving the competition a run for its money. With EcoGuide features and lithium ion batteries, the Ford Plug-ins offer excellent driving ranges with capable powertrains, making them an excellent choice for cost-conscious and environmentally-conscious drivers, alike.

The move toward hybrid cars is growing in popularity, in general, due to better engines, lower price points, and more convenience features. Ford has created a line of hybrid and plug-in vehicles that are designed for comfort, as well as fuel-efficiency. With the new sales numbers, it’s clear that Ford will remain a major player in this vital market. You can check out the Ford Fusion and C-Max models at your local Bedford Ford dealer. If an affordable hybrid is on your shopping list this year, these models are great options for you.