Ford EcoBoost Gets Put to the Test

In early May 2015 Scottsdale, Arizona was the place to be. The Ford EcoBoost Challenge held at WestWorld allowed dealers, drivers, and car enthusiasts to try out EcoBoost vehicles on test tracks. The brand new Ford Mustang, Focus ST, and F-150 were all available, and allowed attendees to compare and challenge competitors that don’t offer EcoBoost, such as the Fiesta ST, Ford Edge, and Toyota Highlander. With closed courses, drivers were able to test out various turns and handling challenges, while also checking out the speed and performance of EcoBoost vehicles.

Test Driving for Fun

Without the pressure of a sales person who wants to get a hefty commission, people are able to test drive a variety of vehicles at their leisure. Comparisons, competition, and evaluation of features and options make opportunities like the EcoBoost Challenge a great way to shop for a car without feeling any pressure to purchase. The 600 people who attended the Challenge in Scottsdale are sure to agree.

Where else can you pick out and test drive a car for your youngest new driver without feeling pressured to purchase it? Driving a variety of vehicles in different situations is the best way to get a feel for what a driver is really looking for in a vehicle. Vehicles handle differently based on their size and shape, and the components used. Someone who is comfortable in a pickup truck may need some practice in a compact car and vice versa.

Why EcoBoost?

EcoBoost is a turbocharged, fuel-saving engine design that offers more, or equal, power with fewer cylinders.  This is a trademarked Ford design, and the popularity of EcoBoost vehicles is constantly increasing. With so many popular new vehicles offering hybrid and electric options, EcoBoost is a good way to help manage fuel costs and look out for the environment without giving up the power and performance you need in your vehicle.

In 2014 in various cities, the Ford EcoBoost Challenge had an amazing attendance of 30,000 people. 70% of attendees were not Ford owners, but, after driving the EcoBoost vehicles, 85% said they would consider purchasing one. If you’re interested in a non-pressured driving experience on a closed course, visit Bloomington Ford and see if they can fill you in on the EcoBoost Challenge locations and dates.

More Than a Driving Event

In Arizona, the Ford EcoBoost Challenge also plays a part in helping the community. The Challenge was also the kickoff event for a bottled water drive. Valley Ford dealers, the Salvation Army, and Big Surf Waterpark have a goal of collecting 2,000 cases of bottled water this month. Anyone who drops off a case of water at one of the local Bedford Ford dealerships for the drive will receive a 50% off coupon to Big Surf.

Why not get in touch with Bloomington Ford, or your local Bedford Ford dealer, and find out how you can work with the community to help out, and to let people explore their cars without pushing for a sale? Community bake sale and test drive event? Why not?clip image001 0020