Ford Escape vs. Mazda CX-5

Ford and Mazda both offer upgrades on their family SUVs, with some significant differences. Indianapolis Ford dealers aren’t surprised by some of the new changes to the Escape, and, overall, Mazda dealers may opt for an older model because some of the changes in the CX-5 just don’t stand up to the Escape. In any case, the new CX-5 still gets great gas mileage because of the smaller engine, and still has that great low body style that offers the look of a car with some of the cargo space that you might otherwise only find in a truck.

ford escape

Engine Comparison

To keep these models on par with other engines that offer great gas mileage, both the Escape and the CX-5 feature a 4 cylinder engine. The Ford offers the 2.5 liter that Indianapolis Ford dealers have found to be so popular, while Mazda went with the 2.0 liter version. Because of this, there is a significant difference in horsepower. The Ford Escape offers 168 HP, while the Mazda CX-5 offers 155 HP. When you try to go from 0 to 60, the difference is easy to see. The Escape gets there in 9.8 seconds while the Cx-5 gets there in 10.7 … almost 11 seconds.

Drive and Wheels

4WD is becoming more common on vehicles with 4 cylinder engines, but it still isn’t the standard. Ford and Mazda both reflect that in the package that they offer for these two vehicles. Neither of them offer 4WD as part of the standard package, but they do both offer this upgrade as an option. This is bound to make both of these vehicles more appealing in areas where snow or rough terrain might be an issue for drivers. The difference here comes in the form of wheels. The Ford Escape offers 17 in. steel rims while the Mazda CX-5 offers their 17 in. rims in alloy. For many, this is a simple matter of personal preference.


Other than the similar body styles, these two vehicles have a few upgrades in common as well. Both offer leather seats that add a touch of luxury to these SUVs, and both vehicles have enough room to seat five passengers comfortably. Similar to most other late model vehicles, these models offer a center-console touchscreen to make driver control easier as well as safer. The only difference is that the Escape offers an 8 in. touchscreen while the CX-5 offers a smaller, 7 in. touchscreen.

If you are a family who is looking for something that is economically sound with all the options that make SUVs some of the safest family cars on the market, either of these are a great choice. At the same time, Ford seems to have upped the standards a bit more than Mazda in order to offer a bit more power and pick up speed. Of course, you can always customize either model to fit your particular needs. For more information on how to customize your family SUV to fit your lifestyle, visit Bloomington Ford today.mazda cx 5