Ford F-150 Is the 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Drivers have come to rely on Motor Trend for timely, accurate, and unbiased reviews of the vehicles they love—to understand how a vehicle compares both before and after purchases. That’s why many of us here at Indianapolis Ford Lincoln put so much stock into Motor Trend’s yearly “Truck of the Year” designation.

This year, the news is good: The Ford F-150 made the cut and is considered to be 1st in class! This is great news for Ford, our local dealership, and the wonderful community of drivers who continue to choose Ford for its reliability performance every single day.

To celebrate the win, we pulled together a short overview of the F-150 and everything it has to offer. Stop by Indianapolis Ford, and we know you will like what you see!

The Basics

Motor Trend Truck

Sitting at under $30,000, the F-150 is remarkably affordable in a sea of high-performance trucks. You have quite a few different packages to choose from:

  • The XL
  • The XLT
  • The Lariat
  • The King Ranch
  • The Platinum
  • The Raptor
  • The Limited

Each of these variations offers something just a little bit different from the other, either on the surface or internal level. Most packages, with the exception of the last two, boast features falling within the same standard spectrum or an incredible suite of optional upgrades. As you make your way down the list, performance improves; the Limited is the swankiest of the bunch with the most luxury and performance-driven features.

Unparalleled Safety and Security

One of the biggest benefits to the 2018 Ford F-150 lies in the truck’s body itself. An incredible Aluminum-Alloy Body and Fully Boxed Steel Frame make this thing a beast to contend with.

In the unfortunate instance of an accident, the F-150 will significantly lessen the impact of the collision for drivers because it’s made of high strength, military-grade, durable, ultralight aluminum alloy. It’s heat-treated and hardened to achieve a high-grade 6000-series rating, which is the same rating used in military vehicles.

Under the Hood

Engine contents in the new Ford F-150 line do, of course, depend on the package you choose, but they’re all packed with power. Choose from five individual engines:

  • 3-liter Ti-VCT V6
  • 7-ltr. EcoBoost® V6
  • 0-ltr. Ti-VCT V8
  • 5-ltr. EcoBoost® V6
  • O. 3.5-ltr. EcoBoost® V6

Motor Trend truck of the year

Obviously, the 5.0-liter Ti-VCT V8 provides the most power here; expect it to produce approximately 395 HP @ 5750 RMs and 400 HP @ 4500 RMs. All this power knocks efficiency down a tad—it hits around 17/23/19 mpg, depending on driving location—but it’s well worth the cost if you’re hauling or riding over rough terrain.

The F-150’s V6 options include one T-VCTs 3.3-liter; this engine is a compromise between power and efficiency without the sharp mileage loss. Expect it to produce around 19/25/22 mpg in the right conditions.

The two new 3.5-liter EcoBoost® and 2.7-liter EcoBoost® engines offer a slight reduction in power with a significant improvement in efficiency. The 3.5-liter gives around 18/25/21 mpg while the 2.7-liter gives around 20/26/22 mpg.

Interested in checking out the F-150 to see it for yourself? Give us a call at your local Indianapolis Ford dealership. We’re always happy to introduce you to the new F-150 first-hand. Call now at 812-331-2200 for more information.