Ford F-Series Is America’s Best-Selling Pickup for 41st Year in a Row

When you think of American cars and trucks, Ford is usually the first name that comes to mind. That is because the Ford Motor Company has been the name on American quality vehicles since the early 1900s.

From a basic car to top-of-the-line pickup trucks, Ford has been an innovator in many different areas throughout the past century. The company is always on top or very near the top of sales records each year for various vehicles.

The F-series pickup truck is and has been America’s best-selling pickup for the past 40 years; 2017 marks 41! There is a substantial amount of work and history that goes into making a truck the top pickup truck in America for 41 years in a row, and Ford knows the winning formula.

parked F-series pickup truck on field

Best-Selling Brand AND Truck

The 2017 F-Series is a top-quality vehicle we are proud to carry at Indianapolis Ford. Our local business wasn’t surprised it remained a best-selling pickup truck yet again this past year. However, a top-selling vehicle isn’t all that Ford achieved. The company also secured the prestigious title of America’s best-selling brand. Considering that Ford is an iconic part of American history, that’s something worth celebrating all on its own.

Ford is as American as it gets!

Being recognized in so many ways as a company is due not only to top-of-the-line quality vehicles, but also to the Ford Motor Company’s community involvement, donations, and fundraisers to support countless schools, communities, and charitable foundations over the years. Henry Ford himself designed his company to give back to this great country, and Ford reflects this in their own efforts still to this day.  Over the years, the Ford Motor Company and the Ford Foundation have become synonymous with the idea of giving back.

Ford’s Illustrious History

Part of what makes Ford’s line so special is the fact that they are culturally and historically intertwined in the growth of the American economy.  What many people don’t know is that Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company had tried twice to manufacture vehicles for the American public but failed each time originally. Those short-lived enterprises made him more determined to find success as an auto manufacturer.

They say the third time’s a charm, and it was just so for Henry Ford. Ford created the first Ford automobile on American soil (the Model T) and later created the Ford Foundation to further product development. By 1908, Ford was a global brand, and cars were quickly becoming part of the daily lives of ordinary people, rather than being a luxury product solely for the rich to enjoy.

Along with making cars that everyday people could afford, Mr. Ford also sped up production by introducing the integrated moving assembly line to the auto manufacturing industry. What started as selling a few million Model Ts over a decade in the early 20th Century grew into a massive multinational endeavor. Last year alone, Ford sold an astonishing 2,475,556 vehicles.

F-series pickup truck on road with trailer

2017 Ford F-Series Growth

What exactly makes the Ford F-Series so special, anyway? Last December, within a single month, approximately 89,385 customers bought the F-Series. This is up approximately 2.1 percent from previous years, and it’s reflective of the fact that the F-Series is notoriously well-made and rugged. If you care for it properly, your F-Series truck will withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

More recent growth is also propelled by the fact that the newest models are remarkable works of technology in their own right. The newest F-series is a modern marvel filled with traditional rugged dependability, yet it’s balanced with technology to create a smooth ride full of power, plenty of fuel efficiency, and even more precise handling.

While Mr. Ford introduced his first truck in 1917 with the Model TT, it was not until the late 1940s that the F-series truck was released. We find it pretty amazing to think how far that first vehicle has evolved over the years. From a basic little vehicle that slowly rumbled down the road to the many models flying off the lots today—what an adventure!

The first-generation F-series was nothing like what we see today. There were definitely no fancy additions or even comfy seating, but it was extremely tough and hard-working. The development of the first pickup truck excited consumers for the first time in the late 40s and early 50s.

Every few years after the introduction of the F-series, the Ford Motor Company would release a new design to upgrade and update their original F-series trucks. Essentially, the truck’s stylings evolved to better suit the needs of consumers over the years. As more people began driving trucks, the functionality, power, and efficiency of these vehicles had to change, lest Ford would lag behind the competition.

With extensive knowledge about consumers wants and a strong determination to meet and exceed expectations, Ford F-series trucks became the pickup truck for generations of drivers. It is common to find families where up to five generations have driven a Ford F-series, and most of them still drive an F-Series today.

Some trucks have been passed down from father to son, while other dads have refused to part with their “ol’ truck.” Sorry, Junior, you’ll have to buy your own! Antique collectors love to find and restore old Ford F-series trucks, too, mostly because, no matter their age, they still have plenty of power!

Consumers Willing to Pay for Quality

The most recent offering from the Ford Motor Company in the F-series is the 2018 model. Ford made no bones about the fact that this truck was going to be more expensive than previous models and competitors’ trucks; that made some dealers nervous. Not us, though, here at Indianapolis Ford. We knew that this increase in cost would reflect vast improvements to design, handling, engine, body style, and materials. It also included more options for eco-friendly and high-performance driving.

Ford has also included a significant amount of luxury in their newer F-Series trucks. The days when a Ford pickup truck was used just for work and hauling machinery are long gone. Trucks have become rather luxurious today, and they are commonly used by as a daily driven vehicle, a family vehicle, or even a commuter vehicle. Why not have the luxury you crave without sacrificing the beloved truck you’re used to?

As for Ford’s recent growth, it’s a product of great sales. Sales of the F-250 Super Duty and other high F-Series trucks priced above $50,000 did contribute to the company’s growth, but it would be a falsehood to say that’s the only reason.

Instead, many analysts attribute the increase in growth to the fact that Ford stepped up their game by integrating newer and more advanced technology in their trucks and cars. This includes Back Up Assist™ and SYNC Connect with FordPass. These technologies offer an incredible additional selling feature—and that’s after you factor in Ford’s inherent high quality, durability, and rugged design. 

At the end of the day, Ford’s managed to bridge the gap between budget needs and luxury with tech needs as well. What loyal Ford F-series drivers know is that the truck they buy at a slightly higher cost is worth the price, even without all the bells and whistles. The F-series is a tried and true, long-lasting, tough “like a rock” truck, and it’s backed by all these years of Ford innovation and quality.

Here at Indianapolis Ford Lincoln, we’re proud to carry one of the longest-standing and most reliable brands in the United States. Each year, Ford provides our dealership with some of the very best vehicles on the market. We’re always happy to help drivers find their perfect match from an incredibly diverse selection that can leave you questioning your perfect match.

Ford’s high-quality and attention to detail is remarkable, there’s no doubt, but it can admittedly be difficult to decide which model you love more. Come by and check out the best-selling truck in America, 41 years in a row! Call Indianapolis Ford at 812-331-2200 to schedule a test drive today!