Ford F-Series: The Number-One Top-Selling American Vehicle of All Time

The Ford F-Series of trucks is one of America’s most popular and enduring series of vehicles. The F-Series of trucks was introduced all the way back in 1948 and, since 1977, it has been the country’s number-one highest-selling pickup truck.

In 1983, it became the country’s highest-selling vehicle of any kind—car, truck, van, or SUV. When the total sales of all vehicles ever sold was tabulated, the Ford F-Series was determined to be the number-one-selling American vehicle ever, with over 40 million vehicles sold worldwide.

Clearly, the Ford F-Series (now in its 12th generation) has something that makes it incredibly special. If you’re not already one of the converted, let our Indianapolis Ford experts explain exactly why the F-Series is America’s most enduring and popular vehicle.

We’re Number One

Ford F-Series

No matter how many great reviews or diehard fans a vehicle manages to collect, there’s one measurement by which a car can truly be judged. When a vehicle stays the number-one-selling vehicle overall in the U.S. for decades at a time, you know it has to be something special. The F-Series may not be fancy, but it excels at being what drivers need it to be: a powerful pickup that performs well on the road and is comfortable to ride in. When that’s enough to make it the best-selling American vehicle ever, what else does it need to be?

Even when judged against internationally manufactured vehicles, the F-Series of Ford trucks is still one of the most popular classes of vehicles. When foreign brands like Honda, Toyota, and Mercedes were added to the list of best-selling vehicles, the F-Series only dropped to number two, with only the enduringly popular Toyota Corolla beating it in overall sales.

Other Best-Selling Ford Vehicles

The F-Series was hardly the only series of Ford to make it onto the list of best-selling vehicles. Other entries in the list of the 10 best-selling American vehicles include:

  • #2: Ford Escort (more than 20 million sold)
  • #3: Ford Fiesta (more than 16 million sold)
  • #4: Ford Model-T
  • #7: Ford Focus (more than 10 million sold)
  • #8: Ford Mustang (more than 9 million sold)
  • #10: Ford Taurus (more than 7 million sold)

If you haven’t been keeping score, these numbers mean that Ford absolutely dominates the list of best-selling American vehicles, taking seven places out of 10. This legacy of high sales stretches all the way back to the Model-T, the car that made the company famous; despite being introduced more than 100 years ago in 1908, the Model-T still sold enough vehicles in its 20-year lifespan than the vast majority of American vehicles ever produced.

Ford’s history of being rewarded for the quality of its vehicles by American consumers goes back to the beginnings of the company and continues on into the present—and the future.

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