Ford GT Supercar Gets Attention at Detroit Car Show

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show featured the unveiling of the Ford GT supercar concept vehicle. According to the patrons of the auto show, this isn’t some hyped up concept car that will be watered down for its eventual consumers, but a preview of what will be on the lot at Greenwood Ford and Ford dealerships all around the country in 2016!

What is a supercar? Essentially, it’s a car that is made to handle curves and speed, while looking great. Picture the cast of the Fast and Furious movie franchise ditching the muscle car and setting aside the Hondas and foreign racecars for an all-American speed machine that is sleek, compact, sporty, and futuristically styled. That’s a Supercar!

GT Supercar

The all-new Ford GT definitely meets that description. With a mid-mounted engine, rear wheel drive, and a sleek coupe body, it looks similar to the previous GT, with a few notable changes. Instead of a V-8 like most performance vehicles, the new GT has an EcoBoost V-6 with twin turbochargers. It will hug curves, while powering through them with more than 600 horsepower! The new design features updated direct injection and valve train features, and a seven speed dual clutch transaxle. A carbon fiber passenger shell with aluminum front and rear subframe, wrapped in carbon fiber body panels, helps make this look like a futuristic and sleek race car. It also performs that way, with active aerodynamics, a racing style torsion bar, and pushrod suspension. 

Digital Controls

Inside the new GT you’ll find the dash and cluster panel are digital, and suitable for different driving styles and environments. The F1-style steering wheel features all necessary driver controls and paddle shift controls. Fixed seating is accommodated by adjustable pedals and steering column. 

This is not a family car; this is not a work car. This is a car that begs to be driven at the highest edge of the legal speed limit, and it cries when you hit the brakes.  Better yet, this is the kind of car that makes you need to find a road with no speed limit, and open up the throttle! While performance vehicles are more common in countries where they don’t have such strict traffic speed laws, the U.S. and U.S. consumers definitely have a deep appreciation and a need for speed! Ford is answering that call with the GT.

Ford’s Future

There are 12 products expected from the newly established Ford Performance line between now and 2020. If the response to the GT at the Detroit Car Show is any indication, then this new line is off to a great start.  While many people have to shop for cars for work and for family, performance vehicles are a personal pleasure that everyone should experience. You may be able to load the whole family in your Ford Explorer for a weekend camping trip, but you can ditch the kids with grandma and take your sweetie out cruising, in a new GT!

If you’ve never experienced the thrill of being in a true performance vehicle, you’ll have your chance next year. Visit your local Ford dealership and get to know the Ford GT Supercar! bloomington sign