Ford is Helping to Improve Communities Across the World

While everyone knows that Ford is a well-loved American company, the reach of this powerful brand has spread worldwide. For the 2nd year the Ford Motor Company traveled far from Indianapolis Ford dealerships to Johannesburg, South Africa for the “Go Further Africa” event. This year’s event introduced 8 new Ford models for the African market, and introduced a new assembly plant in Nigeria, along with providing consumers with information about plans for the area in the future. Ford is offering and participating in several programs designed to improve communities, health, and education in Africa. It is a legacy for the Ford Motor Company to give back to the communities that have helped make it what it is today. Whether that means donating rescue vehicles, or investing in various aspects of community improvement, Ford is involved.

Which Ford vehicles will Africans be able to purchase?

      • Ranger


      • Everest


      • Mustang


      • Figo


      • B-MAX


      • Edge


      • Explorer


What Is Go Further Africa?
Jeff Nemeth, president and CEO of the Ford Motor Company of Sub-Saharan Africa said, “Go Further is Ford’s brand promise, and the dazzling array of new products, high-tech innovations and solutions presented at this amazing event are proof of how Ford is indeed going further and creating an exciting new world.”

The main theme of “Go Further Africa” is Innovation and Mobility. This is a way of showing Ford’s vision for the future. The company’s program Ford Smart Mobility is a plan to innovate and create the next level in everything from connectivity and mobility to autonomous vehicles, better customer experience, and more.

While Indianapolis Ford Dealerships help improve the reputation of the company here in the U.S., events like Go Further Africa help make sure that people are enjoying Ford products all over the world. For Africa, one of the innovations introduced was the Mode: Pro eBike that will be making its debut there. This customizable, electric bike has been designed to be used commercially, and will reduce congestion created by small businesses and courier companies that deliver products.  This will be ideal for crowded cities. Besides vehicles, Ford is also working on a smart watch app for urban use.

Ford works closely with World Vision in Africa in order to build a learning community and create opportunities, including community health, vaccines, and the economic empowerment of women. The Go Further Africa event is just one small facet of the projects and plans that Ford is working on in Africa. Starting in the last part of 2015, the popular Ford Ranger will be assembled in Africa. Ford is also opening 27 Quick Lane Tire and Auto centers in Africa during the next two years.

If you want to see the latest in innovation and mobility in the U.S., head to Bloomington Ford and test drive a new Ford vehicle. The sporty new Focus, the hot Mustang, or a Ranger are all available for U.S. consumers right now, along with several other models. Ford may be spreading good news and great vehicles around the world, but Americans already know the value of purchasing Ford Tough!clip image002 0100