Ford Is Investing in New Technology – Here’s What That Means for You

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the global automotive market, Ford has long prided itself on being a trendsetter. Whether that means experimenting with cutting edge designs or incorporating new technology into its vehicles, Ford has never shied away from being making changes to its cars or trucks in the name of positive change. In recent years, Ford has continued to invest in major new technologies – and those investments are starting to pay off.

Ford Doubles Silicon Valley Team

In recent years, the tech sector and the automotive sector have grown closer than ever. Tech giants like Google have invested billions in finding ways to improve consumer grade vehicles, while U.S. car companies have likewise invested in the development of new technology. Given these two industries overlapping spheres of interest, it’s no wonder that these days the Rust Belt and Silicon Valley seem closer together than ever.

If you need proof of just how close the two industries have become, just consider the case of Ford’s California “campus,” located in Silicon Valley’s Palo Alto. At this facility, Ford works with more than 40 startups and established tech companies to develop new technologies and deliverables.

The site opened in 2015, and it has been such a success that Ford has already announced plans to expand. This year, Ford expanded the campus by adding two new buildings and 15,000 additional square feet of work and lab space, all in preparation to double the number of personnel who work at the site by the end of 2017.

Ford new technology

India Technology Center Gets $195 Million Investment

California isn’t the only global technology hub that Ford is working with to develop new improvements for drivers everywhere. As part of its ongoing investment in India, Ford recently announced that it would be investing 13 billion rupees ($195 million) in a technology and business center located in Chennai.

The facility will be Ford’s second-largest technology center outside of its global headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. The investment will take place over the next five years. Once the new center is up and running, the company plans to have hired at least 3,000 new employees.

Ford has a long history of investing in India; to date, it has spent $2 billion in the country. Given India’s rising prominence in the global market, it’s no surprise that the company is so interested in developing ties there. By 2020, India is expected to become the third-largest global market for cars and trucks, meaning that the trends that take hold in the country will have a large impact on the automotive market worldwide.

By investing in new technology in the country, Ford hopes to both take advantage of India’s growing impact on the market and to help foster the development of the country’s automotive infrastructure. As of this year, Ford has a 3.1 percent market share in India, which it hopes to grow by at least 5 percent over the next three or four years.

Ford technology center

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