Ford Launching 2017 Escape in May as Brand’s First CarPlay Vehicle

By May of 2017, Americans will have access to the first CarPlay Ford Escape in history. The Escape already has a solid reputation, and it tied for the top spot in its class in 2015. With the addition of new technology that makes it even more up-to-date and a pleasure to drive, the Escape may very well have the top spot on lock-down by the end of 2017. In fact, car dealerships in Indianapolis are already planning to make room on their lots so they can keep these SUV crossovers in stock when they are released in May.

Louisville Gears Up

The Ford Escape is manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. The process already involves several checkpoints for quality control measurements. Shifts run constantly for about 20 hours a day during the week to make sure that Ford can meet the demands of this popular vehicle. With the addition of CarPlay in the 2017 model, even the manufacturing plant has stepped up its game. The addition of new technology means that their quality control department will need to be working overtime, at least in the beginning.  Ford is committed to ensuring that the new CarPlay technology works correctly.louisville gears

CarPlay Technology

The CarPlay platform will allow both Apple and Android users to make use of the technology that their phones offer, without putting them at risk while driving. Siri takes on new responsibilities as drivers begin to rely on the Apply functionality to help them enjoy all the new features offered by the CarPlay platform.

Drivers will be able to use CarPlay to listen to music, podcasts, messages, and much more. From Maps to third party software like Spotify, drivers can get more out of their phones even while they drive. This is all thanks to the SYNC 3 Connect platform, which allows all of this technology from various platforms to come together and be useful in one place.

Driver Assist

Something else that the Ford Escape offers to drivers is Driver Assist technology. This technology utilizes sensors on the vehicle to help drivers have a safer experience. It helps maintain a safe distance from other vehicles as well as a safe speed. One feature just about every American will look forward to is the Park Assist technology that helps drivers get out of the dreaded tight spot that sometimes comes with parallel parking. Though this may not be much of an issue in rural areas, it is a rampant one in larger cities such as Indianapolis.

As the number-two selling vehicle in its class, the Escape comes a close second to the F-series. Its SUV crossover status allows it to offer the feel of a luxury car while still being the sport utility vehicle that can handle just about anything on and off the road.

Of all the cars for sale in Indiana, auto dealers are expecting the number of sales to soar with the inclusion of the new technology outlined above. This may be just the thing that makes people realize that SUVs aren’t just for getting things done anymore.driver assist