Ford Lincoln Continental Luxury Concept Is Turning Heads

Ford is reintroducing a hot new luxury sedan, next year, in the Lincoln Continental. This luxury vehicle is set to replace the Lincoln MKS, which hasn’t performed as expected.  The new Continental is plush, filled with luxurious features, and it will be a flagship for Ford in the U.S. and in China. 

Lincoln in China

Ford sees the Lincoln brand doing well in China based on market research, so why not introduce a fresh new vehicle to launch there? Ford executive Kumar Galhotra says that the Lincoln brand is highly regarded in China, and that the consumers there have a more favorable opinion of Lincoln than they do of Audi or Lexus. Lincoln dealerships won’t see the American-made Lincoln Continental in either the U.S. or China before 2016, but the concept vehicle was attracting a lot of attention at the New York Auto Show.

When designing the new Lincoln Continental, input was received from Chinese customers to help create a vehicle that will appeal to the Chinese consumers, as well as U.S. buyers.  One of the things to note about the new Lincoln Continental is that in China, luxury vehicles are most often chauffeured, so the back seat is where the comfortable and passenger-friendly features come into play.

Back Seat Luxury

The Continental concept car offers separate climate controls for the back seat, a lap tray, and a whole lot of legroom. The concept vehicle has a soft but imposing shape, and a great deal of rear seat space. The difference between American consumers and Chinese consumers is evident in the way that buyers will look at this car. The Chinese buyer will see the vehicle as having understated elegance, while Americans may see it as being bland.  The styling of the Lincoln Continental concept car is much less dramatic than it could have been, as American luxury vehicles seem to be becoming more and more about the “bling” than about performance or real luxury.

Lincoln Goes Modern

So how does this styling and design that seems to be based on Chinese consumer preferences translate to meeting the needs of American consumers? Lincoln has long been a brand that is associated with luxury, comfort, and the likes of movie stars and presidents. After a previous CEO was prepared to close out the Lincoln brand, a forward-thinking successor has instead helped bring Lincoln into the modern age, and it now offers drivers and passengers all the comfort and style expected from the brand, along with modern technology and features that make it fun to drive or ride.

ford dealerWhen the time comes, be sure to visit your local Lincoln dealership to see the new Lincoln Continental. Take an afternoon to bask in the luxury and plush comfort, and try out the technological features and the stylish design. Then be sure to take a test drive so you can feel how the Lincoln glides down the road, blocking out road sounds and wind while it cruises at highway speeds, making you feel as if you are floating alongside other traffic. Everyone deserves to enjoy a luxury car, even if just for one day!