Why the Ford Mustang Is the World’s Best-Selling Sports Coupe

The Ford Mustang is a car that is steeped in history and which has been a milestone in many young American lives. Indianapolis Ford dealers have long recognized that the Mustang rolls off their lots quickly, while other Ford vehicles can take a longer time to sell. The newest generation of Mustang began production in 2014, and was introduced as the 2015 model. This sixth-generation of the classic American muscle car was the first model to be officially offered overseas, and it helped boost sales to make the Ford Mustang the world’s best-selling sports coupe.indianapolis ford dealers

Some may claim that the Mustang isn’t a sports car, but anyone who has been in the passenger seat or behind the wheel would argue that point. It may not be seen as a race car, but the Mustang is a classic American muscle car that has earned its reputation.

Whether you have been a ‘Stang fan since the 60s or only recently discovered the thrill of letting the pony run, you are part of a worldwide group of drivers that know and love the power and freedom of American muscle.  You don’t have to be a street racer to appreciate the rumble of a great engine or the squeal of tires as you throw a sleek, sexy car into gear.

One time driving a Mustang, and you’ll be a convert. The Mustang is a car that makes you want to put the pedal to the metal and let the ponies run as fast as they will go! Adrenaline, romance, legends, speed, and power are all part of the story that is the Ford Mustang.

How Many?

Just how many vehicles have to be sold to earn this prestigious goal? In 2015 Ford sold about 110,000 hardtops and a bit over 30,000 drop-tops. The grand total for 2015 was 141,868 Mustangs rolling off lots worldwide in just one year! The Ford Motor Company may not have set out to be the world’s best-selling sports coupe, but the powers that be have to be thrilled with this success.

The Mustang Has Grown Up

For several generations the Mustang has been the car to have for those coming of age. Whether the thrill was the reputation, or the actual speed and handling, no one knows for sure, but the newest generation of Ford Mustang has all the bells and whistles that modern cars offer, along with the legendary pony power that Americans have loved and been committed to for the past 50 years.

So, whether you’re looking to own a piece of Americana or simply want to feel the roar of the muscle car engine and hear the throaty purr as you careen around corners, the Mustang is the answer, as worldwide sales have shown in 2015.

While there are several other sporty cars to choose from, there are none that carry the legacy of the Mustang. Ford offers a great deal of modern vehicles, including hybrids and pickup trucks, but there’s nothing like the good old-fashioned American Mustang. Visit Bloomington Ford today to check out the newest generation of Mustangs. Like a fine wine, they only get better with age!bloomington car dealerships1