Ford Is Offering Performance Vehicle Owners a Unique Opportunity

Ford’s line of performance vehicles includes some of the best consumer-grade vehicles on the market, loaded with extra features and unique tools that put them a cut above the average vehicle cruising the streets of the U.S., which is why it seems strange that so many performance vehicle owners don’t use many of these features, or even know how they work; many don’t even realize all the capabilities their vehicles have.

Some companies would let this state of affairs stand, but Ford has a different plan in mind. Instead, Ford is offering customers who buy a Ford performance vehicle the chance to attend Ford’s Performance Driving School, where they will learn to use their performance vehicles to the utmost.

Ford performance vehicles

Ford Performance Vehicles

The Ford Performance line was born a few years ago when Ford decided to consolidate all its international performance divisions under one umbrella. Since then, Ford Performance has brought a number of stunning vehicles to market that have garnered critical acclaim for their high level of performance and engineering. Current Ford performance vehicles include:

  • Ford GT
  • Shelby GT350R
  • Shelby GT350
  • F-150 Raptor
  • Focus RS
  • Focus ST
  • Fiesta ST

Ford Performance Driving Schools

Along with other automakers, such as Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW, Ford has decided that anyone who puts down the money for a high-quality Ford performance vehicle deserves the chance to learn how to use it properly. Ford Performance Driving Schools are one-day classes anyone who buys a Ford performance vehicle can drive in for free, giving an even greater incentive for purchasing one of the fantastic cars and trucks mentioned above.

Even better, Ford’s Performance Driving Schools are separated into vehicle-specific courses, with the individual courses customized to teach drivers about their specific vehicle. ST Octane Academy focuses on the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST; GT350 Track Attack is for owners of the Shelby GT350; Adrenaline Academy is for the Focus RS; and Raptor Assault School teaches drivers the ins and outs of handling the Raptor.

Ford performance driving school

Every one of these courses includes multiple types of lessons, including classroom sessions and track time. For example, Focus RS Adrenaline Academy begins with a classroom session, which is followed by a trip to the track. After drivers take advantage of their free track time, they will also get the chance for rides along with the instructor and some lead/follow laps. After lunch, the class returns to the classroom for discussion, followed by more track time for vehicle dynamics exercises.

Obviously, this is a great deal. The only downside? Drivers have to pay for their own travel and hotel expenses. If you’re close to where these courses are being offered, however, and have the time to dedicate a day to learning how to make the most of your Ford performance vehicle, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.

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