Is Ford Producing Cars That Keep You from Speeding?

It seems that there has been an announcement made by Ford of Europe that they are releasing a new technology on the Ford S-Max in Europe called Intelligent Speed Limiter. There is a full post about it on the Ford Europe blog and a YouTube video showing how it works. According to Ford, the Intelligent Speed Limiter monitors road signs using a camera that is mounted on the windshield. This camera communicates with the engine and slows the vehicle as required.  While you won’t see this technology in the next year at Bloomington car dealerships, technology is leading to tools like these becoming everyday items.

Combat Your Lead Foot

How great would it be not to have to set cruise control or worry about your lead foot causing you to receive a speeding ticket on the way home from work? The Ford S-Max allows you to turn the feature off and on, so it is not a compulsory tool. For those who would like to avoid speeding tickets, and who have a hard time maintaining the legal speed limit, keeping it on would be a good idea.

Does Speed Limiting Take Away from the Driving Experience?

On the other hand, how annoying would it be to be driving a curvy road where there are speed warning signs for curves and, while you can make the curve at 45 mph, your car automatically slows down to 25 mph? Some people will see a speed limiter as a good thing, while others will feel that it takes away from the driving experience. How would you be able to speed up temporarily to pass someone? There are several aspects and points to consider before making this technology a part of our everyday lives.

Just like there are now options for parking assist, rearview cameras, and all-wheel-drive brake technology, each of these used to be cutting-edge technology and something new for drivers to try out and adjust to.

Many years ago, cruise control was somewhat controversial, but it has become a standard feature on vehicles. Many drivers don’t enjoy using cruise control, claiming that it is easy to become distracted when driving if all you have to do is steer. Maintaining and watching your speed is a major part of driving and remaining attentive to the task at hand. Other drivers swear by cruise control, saying that it helps them focus more on the road and less on the speed they are driving.

Check Out What Your Local Ford Dealer Has to Offer

Essentially, there are features that some drivers insist on, and some that others would rather not have. Every driver is different and chooses vehicles based on their individual needs. Ford and other vehicle manufacturers strive to meet all their customers’ needs and keep up with technology. So, while you may see touch screens, mobile phone connectivity, and USB ports in nearly every vehicle at your local Bloomington car dealers, there is still more new technology coming. Even if you don’t think you want the intelligent speed limiter when this new feature begins showing up at your local dealership, it may be worth taking a test drive just to see how it vehicles for sale