Ford Reveals New EcoBlue Diesel Engine

Ford Motor Company is stepping up the game for eco-friendly vehicles. In a world where hybrids seem to be the topic everyone is most interested in when it comes to vehicles, there’s not a lot of interest in a smoke-making, smelly diesel engine. However, those smelly engines are all over our roads, delivering people and goods to cities and towns across the country.

Most consumers haven’t given a lot of thought to clean-burning engines for commercial trucks or buses, but Indianapolis Ford dealerships will soon be introducing the first in an all new range of diesel engines that are considered to be clean-sheet oil-burners called EcoBlue. This new line of diesel engines will debut in the Ford Transit and Transit Custom models with future use for passenger and commercial Ford vehicles.

eco blue

Clean Burning Combustion and Space Age Materials

The 2.0 liter, four cylinder diesel motor takes advantage of space age materials to reduce friction and create a clean burning combustion system. This is becoming more and more important for diesel vehicles, as manufacturers around the world are coming under fire for diesel emissions.

Featuring an offset crankshaft, belt-in-oil setup, and an Inconel aerospace aluminum turbine wheel, the EcoBlue engine is fine-tuned for power and clean emissions. In preparation for more stringent emissions standards, the EcoBlue currently meets requirements of upcoming September 2016 Euro 6 standards. This includes a 55% reduction in NOx emissions.

Commercial Now, Passenger Later

While the EcoBlue engine is being introduced in commercial vehicles, there are plans for a smaller 1.5 liter four cylinder engine for smaller vehicles and passenger cars. Replacing the Duratorq engine that has been used since 2005 in the Transit vans, Jaguar X-Type, and Land Rovers, the new EcoBlue offers not only power and durability, but also cleaner engines even for diesel vehicles. While it’s not a hybrid, it is a step in the right direction for the Ford Motor Company.

In a time when consumers are concerned about the environment, and governments are busy regulating emissions to help protect our environment, there’s nothing wrong with trying to improve the presence of our vehicles. Ford Motor Company has been a leader in many aspects of vehicle manufacturing, and this new step forward for commercial and, eventually, passenger vehicles is a huge stride forward.

By being the first to offer a clean-burning diesel engine, Ford is opening the door for future advancements, and a big change in how we all think about commercial vehicles. There’s no need to trash our planet when companies have the knowledge, technology and desire to do better. Kudos to Ford Motor Company for thinking outside the box and pre-empting the new emissions standards.

You may not be able to find them today, but, before long, the EcoBlue vehicles will be available at Bloomington Ford as well as Ford dealerships across the country. You can take a test drive, check out the informative literature about the new engine, and learn more about how you can be a part of promoting cleaner driving.

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