Ford Super Duty Trucks’ Unparalleled History of Performance

Ford Super Duty Trucks were the toughest trucks on the block when they came out in 1999, and they remain the toughest trucks today. Ford continually ups the ante with its Super Duty series of trucks, adding towing capacity and new features with each iteration of the popular truck.

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For folks considering purchasing a new Ford Super Duty truck, learning a little bit about the history of this amazing machine is worth your time before visiting your local Ford dealership.

Ford launched the Super Duty line in 1998 to appeal to traditional truck buyers after the company redesigned its popular F-150 line of trucks to respond to the changing demographics of the truck market. At the time, trucks were becoming more popular among commuters and families, and Ford responded to their demand for more car-like trucks by making the F-150 more aerodynamic and adding amenities typically found in sedans.

To keep commercial buyers and consumers who desired a solid work truck in the fold, Ford also developed a heavy-duty line of trucks; hence, the birth of the Super Duty.

First Generation

The first generation of Super Duty trucks consisted of the F-250, F-350, and F-450 and F-550 trucks. The Super Duty versions of these trucks were larger, heavier trucks with more powerful engines.

Available engines for the Super Duty trucks included a 5.4 liter Triton V8, a 6.8 liter Triton V10, a 7.3 liter PowerStroke Diesel V8, and a 6.0 liter PowerStroke Diesel V8. The Super Duty trucks were aesthetically quite different than the F-150s and had more of the look of a traditional work truck compared to the curvier F-150s.

Second Generation

The second-generation of Super Duty trucks were again made for the F-250, F-350, F-450, and F-550 lines. These trucks featured a new 6.4 liter V8 engine to replace the 6.0 liter engine. Ford made a number of aesthetic changes to this generation of Super Duty trucks, giving them an appearance similar to Tonka toy trucks, which consumers responded favorably to.

Third Generation

The third generation of Super Duty trucks hit the market around 2011. Ford gave the truck a larger front fascia, giving the Super Duty a beefier appearance. The Detroit automaker also upgraded the truck’s engines to better compete against rival brands who had amped up the engines of their big trucks.

The third generation of Super Duty trucks got a lot of kudos from the automotive press, including awards for the F-450’s towing capacity (24,400 lbs.) and maximum payload (4,920 lbs.).

Current Generation

Ford unveiled its fourth generation of Super Duty trucks at the 2015 State Fair of Texas. The new generation’s frame consists of 95 percent high strength steel, while the body consists of aluminum—an innovation that has allowed the company to reduce the truck’s weight.

Ford Super Duty Trucks

The Super Duty truck has the following engine configurations:

  • 2 liter gasoline V8
  • 8 liter gasoline V10
  • 7 liter PowerStroke Turbo Diesel V8

Ford beefed up the Super Duty’s towing capacity, allowing it to retain its crown as the undisputed king of heavy duty trucks. The F-450 version of the Super Duty can tow 32,500 lbs. with a gooseneck, and it has 27,500 lbs. capacity in fifth-wheel towing. The truck is also no slouch with high tech options, offering adaptive cruise control, braking assistance, and collision alerts, as well as cameras to help with towing.

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