Ford’s Introduces New Speed Limiter to Help Regulate Driver’s Speed

How easy is it to pass someone on the highway and forget to slow back down to a legal driving speed? Pretty easy, if traffic is light. Before you know it, you may see those blue and red lights in your rear view mirror and get yourself a speeding or even reckless driving ticket. On a wide open road, it is even easier to roll with the curves and not think about your speed; especially if there’s good music playing.

So, the next question is, how great would it be to have a vehicle that could help you avoid speeding and therefore avoid speeding tickets? Indianapolis Ford dealerships are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ford’s newest technology. The Ford S-Max with “Intelligent Speed Limiter” is a vehicle that keeps drivers from breaking the speed limitfords new s max

Driver’s Choice

Many modern vehicles offer technological advances that assist with everything from parking to backing up, but how many drivers really want a car that dictates how fast they can go? The idea is one that pleases some drivers and disappoints others. There are both pros and cons to the new Intelligent Speed Limiter, and it’s going to come down to personal choice. Then again, personal choice may not be a factor once authorities and safety committees see how effective intelligent vehicles will be for safety and to limit traffic speed violations.

When it comes to safety, the idea of a car that limits its own speed is a great thing. For those who want to pass someone, or inch up a few miles above the posted speed limit, it is not always a winning situation. No one wants to have to fight for control of their own vehicle. Supp