Ford’s New GT Sets the Auto Industry on Fire

The Detroit Auto show allowed Ford to introduce a very high-end sports car that pretty much stole the show. However, in the name of exclusivity, the Ford GT is priced around $400,000.00, and consumers have to apply to be considered as a potential owner. You won’t see this vehicle sitting on the lot at Indianapolis car dealerships anytime soon. fords new gt

While people are excited about this hot new car, the idea of having an application period and only releasing 500 vehicles during the first run is creating a buzz unlike any other Ford release. After the Detroit car show there were around 11,000 people who wanted to own a GT. Out of those people, more than 6,000 completed the application to be considered. Some enthusiasts applied using high-end pro videos, while others used smartphones to show why they needed to be the owner of a Ford GT.

In yet another step toward exclusivity, as well as community awareness, the applicants were all asked whether they contributed to Ford related charities. The interesting thing about the application process is that Ford wants to know how people will drive the car; in other words, while it will be an exclusive vehicle, Ford wants it on the road, not sitting in a collector’s garage.

What exactly is so exciting about this car, besides being told that you can’t have one? There are several expensive and proven sports cars in the world; one most often thinks of Ferrari or Lamborghini when they think of exclusivity and big bucks. The Ford GT is all carbon fiber and aluminum, with a twin-turbo V6, and it is known as the Ford Supercar offering 600 horsepower!

Not only does the GT look good, with sleek lines and aggressive styling, it also performs. The GT was designed to compete in the LeMans 24 hour race. More than the engine and power, the GT has advanced technology that makes it even more appealing. No one would look at the GT and immediately think, “That is a Ford vehicle.” The design and styling transcend anything Ford has done before, and this car may put Ford in the same league as legendary performance vehicle manufacturers.

The first wave of applications are in, and winning applicants will be notified within 90 days; however, they may be waiting for a bit before they receive their GT. The production of the first 500 is slated to take about 2 years.

So, as these vehicles trickle out to the winners, is anticipation and interest going to die down, or will the wait simply entice more people to apply for the 2nd application process in a few years? No one really knows how this car will perform outside of the showroom, but you can bet if it’s as good as predicted, there will be no lack of future applications.

Bloomington Ford is proud to be part of the Ford Motor Company family and, while there won’t be a test drive available of the new GT, there are plenty of Ford models on our lots that will appease your driving urges if you weren’t one of the lucky 500 to be chosen to own a GT.birthstone jewelry